Reviewing the Ritual Shushu New Generation Clitoral Toy

I have to admit, my sensual side loves beauty and luxury and I feel turned on by even just having something gorgeous in my hands. It is already a plus point for me, when the design is eye-catching and the material feels delicious. Yes, a plus point, but not enough. I am a perfectionist, and I expect a lot. Especially when I have other toys for the same tasks. So it is not easy to get my enthusiasm. 

I just had to clarify this at the beginning before I go further with my review, hence the Ritual Shushu looks stunning. The shape is ergonomic and the material feels luxurious. The silicon part is medium soft, and there is this textured, rose gold coloured metal part at the back side, which provides a better grip. I know that lots of people are really happy with the small, non intimidating size. I love mandalas, so that is also a nice addiction. At the bottom you will find the magnetic charger points and the one and only button. 

And this is my first WHY…

I just don’t get the position of the button. It should be exactly where the mandala is, not at the bottom. When the Ritual Shushu is positioned the button is not “exposed” and I have to take it off my clit if I want to change the intensity or the patterns. I can change the angle as well, but that doesn’t make it easier to change the options. 

My second WHY is also related to the button…

The Ritual Shushu is able to provide amazing and powerful vibration and suction as well. But there is only 1 button to manage everything, and you have to choose between vibration and suction. There is no option to decrease the functions, so if you want to go back to a previous intensity or pattern, you have to switch off the device, and start over.

The way to switch between suction and vibration is to press the button twice. So yes, you have vibration or suction, you can’t have both at the same time. It seems to me that all of the shortcomings of this toy are related to the button and managing all the power that the device is able to provide. 

Let’s talk about the small sucking hmmm hole…

The clitoral suckers that I have already tried had bigger sucking rings than this one, so I was curious about how my sensations are going to be different because of the difference.

It is much easier to find the right position for the device when the opening is bigger. When you have a toy like this you have to hmmm “aim” well. I have to admit, sometimes I need little adjustment to find the right place, even though I'm good at finding my clit. So with this toy I have to switch it on first, hence the button is at the bottom, find the right intensity and function while it is in my hand without feeling the sensations, then without being able to see myself, trying to position the small hole at the exact place at the first try. I have to admit, I don’t always succeed, and I needed some adjustments.

Is the trouble worth the effort?

I have to say, the answer is definitely yes. This is a powerful toy. The small suction opening allows very strong sensations, exactly where I have the most nerve endings. So this small size choice has a big advantage, and works well, especially for those who want the most power exactly at the top of the clit or need more stimulation to orgasm. I personally love to play with distances, especially when I’m having an orgasm, and I can go a bit further from the most sensitive parts. 

Oh, I almost forgot about the sound factor…

When I’m using the vibration options, it is quiet. The sucking option is a bit on the louder side when the device doesn’t touch the skin. But when it is on the skin, the sound is much more moderate. This is the same with all the clit sucking devices.

Altogether I have 4 clit sucking toys, including the Ritual Shushu, so I have lots of choices when I decide about the lucky one for tonight. The Shushu wouldn’t be my first choice, which doesn’t mean that it is not an amazing toy. If you want a lot of power right on the clit, and a stunning looking, but small toy, you will love it.

PS: Oh, I almost forgot to add that this is the only toy, where I decided to keep the box for storage. It is small, well decorated and the charger has a fixed place in it. Perfect. The more toys I have the more important proper storage becomes.

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