Reviewing the free home STI test

I know, I know, you don’t want to think sexually transmitted infections. But honestly, the best way not to worry about them is being aware of the risks, check your status regularly and protecting yourself. So I planned to get an STI test, but because of covid I put this task to the side for a while. Then a friend of mine recommended the free home STI test


Sounds like a good idea. And actually it is. Even if I have my own challenges with it.

But let’s go step by step… 

What do you need to do to get yours?

You have to be over 17, who don’t have any symptoms, and you need an address at the covered territory. For a while the test was available only for addresses in Dublin, but now other counties are added.
(Hence I was moving, when I ordered the kit I chose my new, non yet registered address, and this wasn’t a problem.)

I went to the website to order the kit. The 4 STIs examined: Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and HIV. I had to choose my gender according to what genitals I have so that the right kit would be sent for me. The number or orders they accept any day is limited, so if you try too late, maybe you won’t be able to succeed. Don’t worry, just try the next day.

After I completed the order I got a test notification on my phone.
I ordered my kit on Friday, and I got the text that my kit was dispatched on Monday, and it is going to arrive within 15 days. I got it way faster, I think within 3 days after dispatching.

The packaging is totally discreet. If it wasn’t a new address I would have no idea what was in the envelope. 

Check out my unboxing video about what is in the STI kit

The kit is pretty straightforward, the instructions are clear, you know what you need to do. Hence I am female bodied, my kit had the swab and the tools to collect the blood.
If you choose to do the test without the blood part you can. The only thing is that you won’t get results for Syphilis and HIV.

I was very afraid of the blood test. My problem is not really the pain, but I don’t react well to see blood, and it is a nightmare to take blood from me. My blood doesn’t like to leave my body much. :D
But I tried to collect the necessary amount of blood, but unfortunately I almost fainted, and wasn’t able to take enough blood for a test.

Click here to get your free home STI kit.

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