Review: Swiss Navy - All Natural Lube

I have sensitive skin. Not super sensitive, “just” sensitive. This usually hasn’t created any problem with lubes for me. 

I have friends who urgently needed to run and wipe off all the lube already rubbed in. You can feel uncomfortable warmth and tingles, it can be itchy, it can cause some puffiness and also dryness. It is not the sensation you go for.

When a lube “works” well, it helps to slide effortlessly on the skin, there is ease and freedom of movement without friction.

Water based lubes are essentials. You can use them safely with any toys including silicone ones, and of course they work well with condoms too.

Water based lubes are also not as long lasting as the silicone ones. But silicon lubes can harm your silicon toys, so if your vibrator, wand or dildo is silicon, stick to the water based lube. 

Water based lubes start to become stickier or drier after a while. If at this point you give them extra moisture like saliva or water and it all will be alive again.

Most brands try to make their lube as safe as possible so that everybody could enjoy them.

One of the ingredients that can cause problems for people, but actually considered “safe” is glycerine. You can find it in most cosmetics, but this doesn’t mean that it works well for your most sensitive parts. 

One of the things that is worth knowing is that if you experience condom sensitivity , so you have to go for the latex free condoms, maybe your problem is not the latex. “Normal” condoms are pre lubed with “generic” water based lubes containing glycerine. Latex free condoms are not pre-lubed, so this is why they are safer for some people

I was looking for a glycerine free lube that is natural and as good as the “generic” water based lubes (or maybe even better), and I found it.

The Swiss Navy - All Natural Lube is actually almost perfect. 

It is water based, so I can use it with any of my toys. 

Lasts as long as the generic ones I tested (actually it was a bit better).

It is easy to manage it with the pump dispenser.

I find the size perfect to use, however because it is a bit bigger than 100 ml, so you can’t bring it with you in your carry-on when you fly.

It doesn’t have much taste which is absolutely a plus. There is a slight sweet aftertaste that you can feel in most lubes but it is really slight in this one. I don’t mind to feel the taste for oral sex. 

I’m happy with it. Even though I use it for anal play too, I would chose an anal lube for that because the thickness helps to keep the lube more at place.

But other than that, I like it a lot.

Click here to get yours.

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