Review: Sei Mio - Textures Tyre Paddle Red

Paddles are such good toys. You can find the perfect one(s) for every occasion.

Some are padded and some are studded.

Some are textured and some are smooth af.

Some are made from wood or leather or rubber or velvety…

Some look glamorous, some look plain and some look dangerous.

And of course you can have different colours, patterns or “inspirational” words on it.

This is why I have a nice little collection of paddles. And there is room for more.

So when I got the Sei Mio - Textured Tyre Paddle in red for reviewing just I couldn’t wait to feel it in my hand.

Because it looks soooooo hot, sexy and inspiring. I speak Italian and I love the Sei Mio name which means You are mine. 

And most importantly while BDSM is associated with the colour black for most people, my primary colour is red. This paddle is a fiery, bright red. It will always stand out and never merge with the darkness. (But you can have it black too.)

When it is about my toys I’m not “just” practical, but I’m influenced by the energy of things and how I feel about them. And this paddle affects me and turns me on. Yummy.

It looks inviting in the packaging already, and I have to add here that in the past I had a flogger handmade from a bike tyre and I have some awesome memories. (Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore.) This made me even more excited.

When I first got it in my hand I had some mixed feelings.

The material of the paddle is not rubber, but has a plasticky feel. This is disappointing. I really wish it would be made from rubber, because of the elasticity of that material. 

The bottom side of the paddle is smooth and shiny. The upper side is the one that has the rugged, tyre look. The plastic material is less elastic as a rubber would be, this affects the sound and also of course the impact as well. The rubber in my experience is a bit more stingy than this material. But this doesn’t make it less evil though. :) The Sei Mio - Textured Tyre paddle is really impactful. Of course you can use it lighter, but it is going to be felt for sure. :) 

I was talking about mixed feelings, so let’s continue with my surprise. Especially because you can’t see this on any of the photos of the paddle (this is why I made this video for you). 

The handle is laced together, which makes this paddle look so hot and sexy. But this is not over yet. Because of the lacing the shape of the handle is not round but more oval which provides a better grip especially when I want to use the rugged side of the paddle for the impact. It is much better than I expected. 

The Sei Mio Textured Tyre Paddle has a hook on the top so that the toy can be hung on the wall. It looks gorgeous, it looks frightening, it looks sexy this way and of course it is ready to be used there anytime.

You don’t have to be very experienced in impact play to use this paddle, but if you are a beginner, please be more careful and know that you can have paddles that are less intense than this one. The textured side is going to leave marks more easily than using the smooth side.

I feel very sexy and confident when I’m holding it in my hand. :)

You can check the Sei Mio Textured Tyre Paddle here.

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