Review - Satisfyer - Teaser ultimate stimulation

This is the second finger vibrator from Satisfyer that I’ve tested. The concept of the High Fly is very different, as is its shape and advantages. Both are amazing addons for foreplay, but not my favourite choices for clitoral play. 

First let’s talk about what exactly a finger vibrator is.

Finger vibrators are the easiest to hold. They are perfect for those who struggle to keep things in their hands or have arthritis but of course you don’t need a health challenge to get the best of finger vibrators. They are almost like you would have a vibrating finger that doesn’t need extra attention. If you (or your partner) are into vibrations then you will love finger toys.

Not all finger vibrators are the same. The High Fly goes between fingers, the Teaser becomes your finger. There is a half ring that holds the vibrator in place without effort. It is very comfortable. Loose enough to use on thicker fingers and tight enough so that you won’t lose it. 

You can try it on other fingers too, not just on the middle finger. Hence they have different circumference and a bit of a different angle of mobility that will change the experience. I love the sensation when the finger vibrator very loose and everything feels more light and airy. My ring finger is perfect for this. You can also add more pressure with the middle or index finger.

Another play option is about how far you put your finger in the ring. To the bottom provides a very stable grip. But if you go halfway or less this gives you more freedom. It is almost like floating. The more you play with these possibilities the more you will appreciate this toy.

The body is mostly from a smoother silicone, but to be honest doesn’t really feel soft or flexible like some parts of the High Fly. One part is hard. And you can choose which side you want to use, but I haven't felt much difference between the 2 parts. I wish there would be a choice between the 2. It would make everything more interesting, but no good news on this front.

There is only one button to manage the programs. It is the usual drill. All starts with the weakest power and goes more and more intense with every click, then you can have different patterns. The weakest options are reasonably quiet but you go more intense, it will be louder and louder.

It is totally waterproof and also rechargeable, using the same magnetic recharge setup as other Satisfyer toys. 

As I wrote it at the beginning it is not my number one choice for clitoral play or orgasms. It is not really the best feature of this toy. Actually it is about playing around with vibrations. Nipples will love it, testicles will love it, you can play with it over chastity devices, lips, scrotum, nipple clamps, labia, behind the knees and elbows, over clothing… Whatever you can think of. Really play around with it. It is fun, playful and easy.
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