Review: Rechargeable spring 10 speed custom bullets

The popular belief is that small bullet vibrators, like this one, are only for the clitoris. And they are really magnificent for clitoral play, but they are way more versatile than this, and they are not only for women. 

But let’s check out this vibrating bullet before moving to the versatility part.

I know that not everybody is into design as much as I am, but just because a vibrator looks attractive I won’t necessarily like it or rave about it, and I’m raving about this one.
If I were you, I would watch my video about it, so that you can see how powerful this bullet is.

It is rechargeable

I love rechargeable toys. And hence I use my sex toys a lot, my battery consumption would be tragic otherwise, so I make the whole world a happier place this way. 

This is the first toy that has a little box for the magnetic charging cable. So smart, because it is easy to find the cable this way in my drawer. I have several cables there, and I’m happy that I can find this easily. I’m taking care of my toys, so I’ve kept the box to use it, and this helps. It is also true that I would like to have a bit longer cable.

The Empower Yourself - Are you ready for this - title on the box is always making me laugh (the best way possible) and this is a good start. Whoever designed this toy seems to know me well.

It just needs 30 minutes for 70 minutes to play on the strongest setting. And this vibrator is super powerful.

It is super powerful

When I opened the box I was surprised. The name suggests that this bullet is soft, but it is not. Even though it is silicone, you will find a much different material than you expect. The hardness supports the vibrations, so if you are looking for more powerful sensations, you will love this toy. 

The pointy tip helps a lot to give a very focused, vibrating sensation and this feels amazing. If you just tilt it a little you can have the rounded part, that feels a bit different. And you can also lay it over the labia and you will love the vibrations. 

When you are switching it on, you will get the most intense sensation, and you can switch to more moderate ones with some patterns as well. It is easy to manage with the button at the bottom of the bullet.

When it is on the strongest settings sometimes it rolls around too. This makes it even better.

It is also quiet

I'm not saying that it is super quiet, I can hear it, but it is really good in this area. 

Super versatile

I love to use it on my lips, face, neck, nipples… It is really inspiring. Holding it in my hand and circling with it over my clit is helping me to expand my orgasms. I can just go a bit further from my clit and keep the vibrations going and enjoy all the waves of the orgasms. 

You can use it on balls, perineum, over the penis, on the frenulum (here I would recommend a bit more moderate vibrations, or full force for making him suffer from pleasure overwhelm)… 

You can also use it in toys that have a vibrating bullet. Most toys that are coming with a removable bullet have less powerful, and battery operated bullets. You can swap them with something rechargeable and more powerful, like this one. This includes some butt plugs, prostate toys, vulva stimulators… So be creative, and play with your toys.

Click here for the Custom Bullets - Soft Rechargeable Spring Pattern 10 Speed Bullet

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