Review: Massage Candle Set

I love massages. Not just with a partner but giving some of them to myself, especially breast massages. And massage candles are one of my favourites to have the best experience. So reviewing a set of massage candles is even more inspiring to have some new delicious endeavours.

The set comes in a box, and there are 3 scents inside: Rose, Vanilla and Pheromones. The candles are black and white, kind of dark minimalist style, I can imagine them almost anywhere. 

So so far I was happy. The next part was more difficult. Opening them. The container is metal and closed tightly. It is not easy to grab and open them. (So definitely try to open them before a “big moment” to have a smoother experience.)

You can smell them after taking the lid off, and the scents are amazing. These candles are really providing a beautiful, sensual atmosphere within 5 minutes. 

At the same time they need a bit more time to melt into oil than I expected. It needs about 20 minutes to melt enough oil for a breast massage, so if you want a whole body massage you need way more time beforehand.

The metal container was totally safe to touch, but I was really missing the extra part to pour  the oil safely and easily from it. So I would put down something to protect the furniture from the unexpected drops. 

It is easy to spread and rub the oil, my skin is very soft after using it, and the moisturized feeling lasts long. It is slightly sticky. Almost like leaving a layer on my skin, that is a bit waxy. I haven’t experienced this before with other massage candles, that were more oily after melting.

It feels nice and warm on my skin, very comforting. It is really safe and perfect, not too hot.

What is the difference between a massage oil and a massage candle?

A massage oil is already liquid, and you have to warm it up if you want a warm massage. A massage candle needs time to melt after being lit up. You can use it “just” as a scented candle if this is what you want. After some time the candle melts and you can use this oil as a warm massage oil. (Only use massage candles for massages, not regular candles.)

What is the difference between a wax candle and a massage candle?

Wax candles are very hot but at the same time they cool down easily. They are supposed to be used in drops and small amounts. They are not oil, and you can’t rub them in the skin. 

My overall opinion on these massage candles:

I have mixed feelings regarding these candles. I love the scent and how long my skin is plump after using them. They are long lasting as well, and create a nice atmosphere.
At the same time I don’t like how not practical the container is. 

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