Review: Lila - Realistic Vibe

A vibrator doesn’t need to be big to do a really good job and make you come. But has to have the right material, the right shape, the vibrational frequency that works for you, the power that you need… And of course if they provide even more that is something to celebrate. 

This vibrator has way more potential than you guess from the size or the price. I only had very few complaints, so stay with me, read the post, check out my video, because maybe it will add to what you think about vibrators. Especially where the real potential is for orgasms and pleasure. 

So I got that small box with the Lila - realistic vibe. I don’t find it realistic at all. I mean it is purple and has those bubbles at the base. I personally think that it looks like an alien cock rather than a real one. And of course it vibrates.  

At the same time the size is very comfortable in the best sense and at the same time feels good. It has texture that enhances your experience. The end is round and makes the penetration even more easy. The bubbles at the base are designed to give extra sensations especially for the clitoris, but at least in my case this does not work. I don’t mind that very much, hence I don’t need extra clitoral stimulation to come. If I wanted, I could use a bullet vibrator or a clitoral one. 

The material is silicone. Not the cheapest silicon, but not even the best. Somewhere in the middle. The flexibility reminds me of gel dildos, but without being sticky. This is definitely a plus. And however the flexibility is a good thing, I don’t really find it very useful to be honest. It is not a bad thing either. The material allows the vibrations to come through very well. 

The vibrating engine is close to the head, so wherever the head is the vibrations are the most intense.  

This is a battery operated toy (2 pcs of AAA), and actually it doesn’t use up much energy. The batteries last quite long, and I like powerful vibrations and I also like to use the toys I’m testing on a daily basis for a while. :) 

If you have seen some of my vibrator reviews you know already how much I struggle with the buttons on most vibrators. I don’t have a problem with the “button” on the Lila. You just turn the end and voila… it starts to vibrate. There is a nice transition between the intensities, the lowest is pleasurable, the strongest feels more powerful than it sounds. This is a very quiet vibrator for the lots of power that it provides.  

There is no travel lock on the “button” so if you want to be sure that it is turned off while you are on the move, you have to take the batteries off, hence it is easy to turn it on accidentally. You have to be careful to close it off well after use.  

I would be very careful with cleaning, because of the bubbles on the base. It is easy to leave out a spot. 

Other than that I find this vibrator excellent especially for the price. It can be a perfect first time vibrator, when you are looking for something reliable, pleasurable and powerful without investing more, so that you can decide what feels best for your body. 

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