Review: Glamour Glass Curved Wand

It was a love at first sight with this wand (at least from my side, the wand doesn’t have much say about it). So I bought it for myself right away. Such a good pussy driven choice.

I have already seen this kind of dildo/wand beforehand made of metal. Metal toys are amazing, long lasting, safe. I love them. Except in my vagina. It feels terrible even thinking about it. And this shape was only made of metal before. Another thing to consider when you choose the metal one is the weight. Metal is much heavier than borosilicate glass, which this toy is made of. The heaviness can feel amazing. Especially if you use the wand for anal play.

Click here for the metal version.

I have 2 glass dildos and I love them and use them quite a lot. Much more than my vibrators. They are the classic transparent glass, so the Glamour Glass Curved Wand is my first borosilicate glass toy. As you can see in my video, it is a colourful toy. It seems quite holographic, pinkish-purplish-greenish… Hence borosilicate glass is very light, this dildo is light too. So easy to move while it can give the right amount of pressure wherever I want. 

I couldn’t wait to go home and play with it. :) These wands are not just for the pussy. The curves are perfect for prostate massages or “just” for anal orgasms. The 2 different sized heads make this toy even more versatile.

 My main focus though is to use it for squirting and g-spot play. I can use any lube with it, not just water-based ones like with the silicone toys. I personally like warm and pure coconut oil or macadamia oil as a lube and these are safe options with this wand. I can play with the angle, it is much easier to apply more pressure with it. I can’t do this much with my finger.

I also like just feeling it, not moving much, keeping the bigger head deeper inside of me with very smooth and occasional movements whenever I feel like it. I prefer the Arts Claire Bleu Glass Dildo way more for pleasuring my cervix. This comes from my anatomy.
I invite you to play and explore what feels the best for you. :) It is something that you can figure out mostly by trying and not thinking.

It is the perfect toy for sensitising and de-armouring the vagina more, because you can easily reach any numb or painful spot and apply the amount of pressure to feel, breath into it and release the tension that is blocking you from feeling fully. For me the smaller head is the more suitable for the task. Be very patient with yourself when you do this, it is ok to go slow and de-armour just a smaller part, because it can be painful (just like it can be painful when a knot is massaged through in any other part of your body). Drink a lot of water. Be gentle. 

When I used this wand over my labia like an all over massage toy I was purring from pleasure and I was in heaven. So you can use it on the skin too, not just internally. Can make some wonders on the perineum too. It is smooth and firm at the same time.

Whoever I talked to about this curved wand they wanted it right away, and I don’t wander. I can be an essential, handy, versatile, pleasure igniting toy in your pleasure kit. You can get it in a bigger size here.

Click here for your Glamour Glass Curved Wand.

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