Review: Fetish Submissive Collar With Leash

Choosing the right collar is very personal and in some ways temporary. I mean as you go along on your journey with power and control your priorities (or sometimes your partners) change, and this can be that you need something different than before.

I get this.

When I chose this collar I didn’t want anything extra in particular. I just wanted something stable and a leash. And I totally got that. I wasn't supposed to be the one to wear it, so comfort wasn’t that important. :) Actually I would say it was the other way around, I wanted a collar that can be felt and not ignored. I wasn’t going for extra pain just for something with hmm… emphasis.

I wasn’t going for something impressive or especially nice. That is something to deserve, not necessarily provided. So I loved the neutrality and the very reasonable price. To be honest I think it's worth more than its price. But I jumped a bit bigger here in the future, so I’m slowing down and let’s check the Fetish Submissive Collar With Leash.

Most people’s first question about a collar is if it is padded or not. It is not padded. You are going to feel it when you wear it. But at the same time the material on the edges is actually quite nice and smooth and the sewing is flawless so no unnecessarily irritating parts here. It is fine work.

The inside of the collar is neoprene which is quite practical too, because it doesn’t absorb the sweat and is easy to clean. The outside part is vegan leather and the metal parts are nickel free metal. All painted to black. 

It has this sturdy look and feeling. The overlapping part has some rigidity, which already helps to create the right set-up. When you put this collar on somebody, they will feel it, and it won't move with them, most probably stays in place so your every movement or pull will be felt. The neck is restrained just the right amount.

The size is quite generous, it can fit quite a lot of different neck sizes. The buckle is metal, so it has the right “sound effect” too. It clings. And these kinds of extra effects on the senses are also part of creating the right dynamic and with time conditioning. When you get the collar in your hand and it clings, your submissive can slide more smoothly to the right setup already.

There is a quite big ring at the back to attach the leash to. The chain of the leash is on the medium side. I didn’t need to be afraid of breaking it with a bit of a more forceful pull back. Because of this it is on the heavier side. The handle is also from vegan leather and provides a stable grip. 

Of course the leash is not always an essential part of a collar, but I personally love it. It is not just about leading a submissive on their needs. I especially love holding them back with it. It is just funny, like telling them to kiss you, but you just pull the leash backwards. Or if you have a place to attach the other end of the leash to you restrict the range of movement of your partner. 

Hence pulling can come from the front or from the back. It is much better if you have rings on both sides so that they change the position of the leash very easily. On the Fetish Submissive Collar With Leash there is a bigger ring on the back and also there is enough space on the buckle to attach the leash to, so you don’t have to turn the whole collar to change the direction of the ring.

I would prefer the collar to have rings on the 2 sides too. If I would want to attach a cuff or whatever I want to them. It would just open the collar up to more possibilities. This is my only extra requirement. Other than that I’m very happy with it.

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