Review: Exotiq Massage Candle - Bamboo Orchids

It is not a secret. I love massage candles. I use massage candles. Especially when I massage myself. These are my favourites for breast massages, hence they are warmed up and pouring them on the chest feels divine. The fragrance is a sensual add on. And you can feel it longer.  And if you don’t do breast massages (regardless of your gender) you are missing out.

Most massage candles are on the smaller side, which is actually a bit more practical and understandable. And at the same time, I love big candles too. They ooze continuity. They are not “just” for one time only.
At the same time, they warm up a bit slower, because there is more to warm up. It doesn’t make a huge difference though, because it is always about warming the part closer to the flame and then a bit more, and then a bit more. Just like the small candles. 

But I didn’t know this beforehand or analysed this beforehand, because I only had smaller massage candles. The Exotiq Massage Candle - Bamboo Orchids is the biggest one I have ever tried. It goes on for more than 30 hours. And if you don’t want the massage oil, just a fragrance candle is still a good, natural choice. Of course if you use some of the oil for massage your candle will last less than 30 hours.

The kind of scents we like is quite subjective. So just because I like something it doesn’t mean you will like it too or viceversa. I’m mostly into fresh and fruity scents in candles. Most floral scents tend to overpower me. 

The bamboo - orchid combination is actually quite energising, and I like it. When I opened the box I felt the fragrance. I put the unboxed candle on my shelf, and I could feel it in the room without lighting it.

Back to the box. It looks amazing, the design is beautiful, and it is perfect as a gift too. I expected the candle to be a little bit nicer. The candle itself is a bit average for me.

The ceramic holding the wax is quite heavy and robust, so the candle stays at normal temperature on the outside, so it is safe to touch even after burning it for a while.

As you can see from the video, one drop actually goes quite a long time, which is exactly what you want from a massage oil, so that you can have the slippery sensation. 

Let’s talk about the part that I think is not everybody. When you use a massage candle, that feels a little bit more waxy. It is not “just” oil, but spreads a little bit slower, and you can feel it on your skin a little bit longer. I know people who wouldn’t like this. I personally do. My skin feels smoother and amazing to touch.

If you are into massages or want to spoil your sensual side for self-pleasure, this massage candle is a good idea.

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