Review - Chrystalino Star Blue Glass Plug

Recently I booked a gorgeous hotel room for myself to shoot some self-intimacy videos for the membership part of my website. Some of the videos are about self-pleasure, some about developing skills, creating new pleasure pathways.

Later I’m going to to create an anal pleasure series, and now I’m building it all up. So I checked all of my 2 huge toy boxes for the things I felt like I wanted to bring with me. And here was the STAR.

I have totally forgotten about it. I bought it ages ago for myself when I was putting my pleasure set together. And I liked it a lot. But then there were so many new things coming in so I focused on other anal toys. (I have quite a nice selection.:)) 

But now that I saw it in my box, I knew I wanted to bring the Chrystalino Star Blue Glass Plug with me and I want to start using it again. Oh yessssssss.

If you follow me, you know that I am a big fan of glass toys. My other favourite is toys made of crystals, like yoni eggs and wands. Silicone toys are usually a bit more behind.

Silicone and jelly butt plugs are usually more comfortable especially if you want to wear them a bit longer. They have more resilience. 

On the other end glass butt plugs are harder, but at the same time they slide more easily. You can choose any kind of lube with them, which also helps. I personally try to use less silicone lubes even though they are long lasting, and I prefer to use more natural oils.

Glass is also ideal for temperature play. When it is about anal play the cold option is not really what I'm looking for, but a warm plug provides more ease. The muscles are more relaxed if the temperature is right.

The Star is somewhere between the small and medium size. It is slender but longer than most plugs. And my anus loves this shape way more. It is also perfect for those who are “just” in the initiation phase of anal pleasure. And it is all because of the ease. The shape, the material, the lube… all facilitates the slide, and decreases resistance to the minimum.

It doesn't have the round middle part and the narrow neck. Don’t get me wrong lots of people love and enjoy that shape, but especially those who have more experience with anal play and pleasure. The difference between the neck and the middle part provides the sensation of being full and secure. The round plug doesn’t slide out easily either. 

The Star is not really made to stay in one place. It is made to play with, to slide it in and out with ease and pleasure. The slight curves add even more to the sensation. This is why I recommend this toy to anybody who wants to play with anal pleasure alone or with a partner. To anybody who wants to feel safe and be at ease.

A glass toy is super easy to clean. You can even put it in the dishwasher. You can use antibacterial soap. It is safe to rinse. You can add the toy cleaner.

The round part at the end of the plug is big enough to keep the plug at place or to grab it while you are playing with it. 

It is more on the lighter side. Which is something that adds to the ease part. At the same time I want to mention that a heavy plug is also very pleasurable to feel. It provides the sensation of fullness and deeply relaxes the nervous system, so you can choose which one you want to experience at that time.

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