Moving Sex Toys, that are more than “just” vibrators

Isn’t it the most amazing thing to just let a sex toy making you cum? It is all under your command and it will only stop when you say so. And you have nothing else to do just to enjoy the thrusting or rotation or… exactly as you want to. 

Most people don’t even know about their options, so they are missing out. Moving sex toys are more and more popular because of the advanced technology that we have. So use it for your (and or your partner’s) pleasure.

This little guide is not for any sex in particular. You will find options that you like even if you are looking for a toy for a vagina or for anal play, and some of them will maybe surprise you..

So what are your options if you want a moving sex toy?

Let’s start with this pair of the most popular moving toys: the Silicone Thrusting Rechargeable Rabbit and the Silicone Rechargeable Prostate Massager.

This rabbit does not “only” vibrate but the shaft is thrusting. It is powerful with a really good rabbit head as well, so you get all kinds of simulations together.
The Prostate Massager has a very “energetic”, rotating head. The remote control allows you to just relax and enjoy the ride.

The Rebel Plug Rechargeable provides different kinds of stimulation. Here the rotation doesn’t come from a rotating head but there are rotating beads at the bottom of the shaft, so you can feel them at the sphincter. Yummy. But this is not all. It also has a “knocking” function which is a little ball that moves on the head providing extra stimulation to the prostate when the toy is in. 

Javida is a brand with plenty of toys with “extra” functions. They have 2 vibrating eggs with remote control: one of them has a knocking function and the other one has rotating beads.

They also offer a wand with a thrusting shaft as well.

My personal favourite (and you can use this toy for anal play as well) is the Vive Halo. The main thing for me is the stimulating ring that moves up and down at your command. You can even use this toy without vibrations just with the ring moving creating a very realistic thrusting feeling. 

But let’s check out the Remote Control - Fucking Machine 2. This toy has a lot of functions that you are going to love, starting with the stable suction cup, so that you can fix it somewhere and then you also have the freedom to move if you want. But of course you don’t need to. After you set up the right angle for you (this is also a very unique feature) you can turn the thrusting and vibrating up and wooooow. This will definitely blow your mind.

Now that we are at the fucking machine let’s check the Love Machine out. This is the most versatile of all of the toys. You can actually ride this vibrator. It has several different attachments and you are not limited to only use one of them. It will move as you want. You can change the angle so everything really revolves around you and for you. Enjoy.

There is a fucking machine created for couples (but of course you can use it alone:)). It is travel friendly and has several attachments. Not only dildos, but also a pussy and some extra toys are added to the pack. And all of this is in a travel friendly duffle bag.

You will find plenty of male masturbators with moving sensations, like for example the Roto-Bator (for a tight, anus experience with special movements), the AutoBlow machines (for the best blow jobs you have ever had), and the JamyJob Tornado 360 that can move like nothing else that you have experienced. 

I wanted to put the LoveSense Max2 on the list. It can provide sensations like muscular contractions with the integrated Air Pumps. The App controlling the toy is fantastic and can create a very special experience. Not only you (or your partner) can manage the Love Max 2 from a distance, but you can even synchronise 2 toys together to share the experience.

And for those who want to focus on a different area of the body I would like to recommend the Blush Temptasia Titillator, which is a vibrating, rotating toy for nipples with different add-ons.

Of course this list is not a comprehensive one, hence there are way more options to choose from. I tried to show you how colourful and creative these toys are. Time to unleash your inner slut and ride the waves of pleasure.
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