Master your temperature play

Sensual play is a perfect way to bring your partner in the present moment, in their body and feel totally alive and open. So it is crucial to have an environment where they can relax and just be and receive safely without being disturbed.

So put some extra effort into this, and your partner will be purring in your hands.

Playing with temperature only works, if the temperature in the room is pleasant and comfortable, so that you can really feel the difference.

You can choose to blindfold them, so that they can really focus on the sensations. If they tend to be in their head a lot, this helps to bring them into their bodies.

Temperature play needs some preparation. We have already discussed the environment.



It is totally your choice if you want to play with both hot and cold temperatures, or only with one of them. And when I say hot, I mean warm, not really very hot here. This post is about sensual play with maybe some milder kinky elements (like you can bind your partner  and blindfold them before you go for the temperature elements), and not about going extreme.


Playing with ice cubes

The most obvious choice is using ice cubes.  The shape doesn't need to be a cube. Nowadays you can have some interesting forms and you can play with the edges and curves. Nipples especially love those alternative shapes.


Sucking ice before kissing


You can use “just” ice or it can be some fruity flavour frozen before, so that you can play with the taste as well. When your lips and your tongue are cold, the contrast can feel amazing for your partner. From “just” blowing cold air to kissing and licking you can choose how and where you want to spoil your partner with sensations.


Using cold drops

It can be really just some drops or you can also spritz some very cold mist from a spray bottle on their hot skin. The hotter they are the better the light-and-cold combination feels to them.


Playing with a glass toy 


One of the best things about having a glass dildo, plug or vibrator is that you can use them cold or warm. Be mindful that if you use a cold toy for penetration it shouldn’t be very cold, otherwise you can cause damage.

You can also warm a glass toy up before you are using it.


Have some chain ready


Metals can also feel amazing when they are cold. A cold chain on hot skin is amazing. You can choose a lighter or heavier chain too. Your partner is going to remember you. :)


Cooling lubes


What about having some cold, minty sensations from a special lube, that you can safely use even on the genitals? It is mindblowing, creates blood flow, making the skin more sensitive and is keeping them in the moment.

Choose a toy that can be warmed up


Several vibrators have a heating effect. (Keep in mind that these toys need some time to warm up, so you need some planning here.)

Warm the massage oil up before using it


Massage candles are perfect for creating a sensual atmosphere. They are scented, they are warm, and after a while they are becoming massage oil. Use them for an amazing, sensual experience.

If you only have “massage oil”, you can put it in a microwavable container (or baby bottle warmer) and warm it up. (Check the temperature before using it.) It is way more relaxing to use warm oil.

Drop some safe candle wax on your partner


When it is about the sensation of wax drops on the skin, always use special waxes created for wax play. The burning temperature of play waxes is safe for the skin. Everyday candles are way hotter, and can permanently and painfully damage the skin. Use safe wax.

When you are using candle wax, consider the position. If your partner is lying, the drops more probably will stay at one place, creating a warmer sensation at one place. If they are sitting or standing, the drop is going to have a “journey” on the skin. It is a very different sensation.


Choose a sensation warming liquid 


It is smooth and warm and it lets your hands slide effortlessly on your partner's skin, while they are relaxing and feeling the pleasure of unforgettable touch. Get your sensation warming liquid here.

Master your temperature play and enrich your erotic toolbox. 

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