Make this holiday the sexiest

Being away is already putting you into a different mindset. You leave (hopefully) your daily routine behind. So you can do this with your sex life as well. It is the perfect time to do something differently, to try a new position or a toy and celebrate a renewed connection.

And this is also true if you travel alone. Allow yourself to step out of the same routine and give pleasure a new meaning.

But how to have the hottest holiday?

Get the holiday mindset

I don’t think about the mindset of What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, because please don’t do anything that you would rather forget at the end, but try new things, be open, play and experiment, and bring new inspiration home with yourself and let it fuel your passion.

So here you are, you have more freedom and be curious. Look around with fresh eyes.
What do you find inspiring in your environment? 

Maybe you have new blowjob ideas in that armchair in your room.
Maybe your balcony has enough privacy that nobody is going to see you masturbating, while you are still close to other people. And the taboo factor is going to give you extra buzz.

Maybe you have delicious fruit around that you decide to involve them in your sensual play with all the juices, the freshness and colour.

What if you could just take time to admire your or your partner’s skin after being in the sun?

It is time to wear this new sexy lingerie or outfit so that you can feel a different version.

Slow down, look around, take your time to feel and let the sensations come to you.

Prepare your body to feel and have pleasure

Your skin is exposed to the sun and warmth of the breeze stroking around… Let this skin glowing and nourished so that you can feel yummy. The better the condition of your skin is the more you can feel and enjoy the sensations.

So massage oils and body butters are your friends here. Use them and ask your partner to pamper you with them. 

The same is true to lube. Lube just makes every movement seamless and effortless, there is no friction just the sensations of freedom and movement. If you want to have penetration in the water that means you will have less lubrication. But if you have some silicone lube you can experience that effortlessly delicious sex that you fantasised about. 

Have some toys around

Toys make everything even more interesting. A curved glass wand is super easy to clean, it works well with your silicone lube and it won’t cause trouble in your carry-on suitcase, hence no batteries. :) A curved dildo is perfect for g-spot play, squirting, prostate and anal play or just to massage. 

Be careful if you bring a pinwheel with you. They are spiky and you will probably be asked about them.

But this can be the perfect time to introduce your new app based vibrator to your partner. You know the one that can be worn outside while you are having a walk on the seaside. Have your phone in your hand and control the vibrations while you are close together.

You can bring some erotic games with your or create your own and bring with you, so that luck can decide what you are going to do next.

What about some cuffs? They don’t take much space but they spice everything up.

Use the temperature to your advantage

If the weather is hot it is an invitation to temperature play. Ice cubes are amazing for this. You can move them around on the skin, make those nipples erect and sensitive or you can have some ice cubes in your mouth to cool it down. Then go down on your partner and shock them with the coldness. Or just slightly blow air to their exposed skin.

Let your partner to organise an adventure date for you and do the same for them

It is time to surprise each other. What if your partner can have a day when they say what you are going to do. It is all in their hands. Maybe they will even prepare some surprises for you. Something you haven’t seen and tried before. Of course negotiating boundaries beforehand is important, but the main point is to give space for them to show you something that they want to do to you or for you.

And then you can do the same for them an other day. Something that you want for you to experience. Something that you will plan. 

This can be a great way to connect and be more intimate. And it is ok, if you or your partner react differently than expected. Then laugh it off and learn from it. Maybe you're going to have a funny story to remember instead of a hot one. And that is ok. Because you took risks together. And you allowed something new, something different. The more open and curious you can be without judging yourself or your partner’s reaction the more alive and ignited you are going to feel.

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