Looks so innocent, but Oh girl…

I have to admit, I hadn’t taken this pink teaser set seriously. All this baby pink and the feather makes it look so innocent, but this is just a trap. This set has a lot to offer and not only if you want to tease your partner. (Of course there are some weak spots as well, and I'm going to write about those too.)

The Bondage Pink Teaser Set has 5 pieces. Let’s talk about them one by one.



The blindfold

The blindfold is very comfortable and stays put where you put it. You don’t have to worry about losing it. On the other side it is a bit narrow and I could see some light underneath the blindfold. The blindfold itself blocks the light, just doesn’t cover all areas for me. I still would be ok with using it because how stable it is and test if the other person can see underneath.

The feather tickler

This feather tickler is amazing. So big and light. It can cover bigger areas like a whole face or breasts or a penis. It is much different than a small feather tickler. I love the feeling of these weightless strokes, and playing with it so much.

The paddle

The paddle looks small, but it is hard and well built. The lashes are surprisingly strong. It is easy to manage, and one side is pink, while the other side is black so you can match it with the energy. 

The flogger

The flogger itself feels more like a toy than a real flogger. It is too light and too small to really feel like a flogger. The handle is also thinner and very light. You can use it for teasing, but I wouldn’t call it flogging. The paddle is a real one for discipline and punishment here.

The cuffs

The cuffs have some really good features and something on the negative side for me. The size is ideal and it is easy to adjust it to the side that I want. It holds well and while the core is harder the cover is soft and the whole thing feels comfortable and light at the same time. The Velcro is perfect for the task.

Both cuffs have a ring so that you can attach them to anything you want. There is a connection chain with a carabiner, so that you can attach the cuffs to each other. But unfortunately there is only one carabiner so one of the cuffs always has the chain hanging which can be really disturbing. I would definitely change this  about the set and that would make it way more versatile and usable.

In general I have to say that this set is way better than I expected and provides a lot of options for a variety of plays and sensations. I enjoy having it, but I use some parts of it way more than others. The pink also gives an extra spice for the play. 

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