Let’s talk about this thrusting rabbit

I have had this Silicone Thrusting Rechargeable Rabbit for a year now. It was a purchase more than a year ago. I didn’t have many vibrators at that time, and I needed a good rabbit for my collection. When I saw the thrusting function I wanted this toy badly, so I bought it.

It is a rechargeable, silicone vibrator, which is not like any other rabbit that I know. It is also waterproof, which is not very important for me, but it can be for others.

I love the dark red colour with the black. The rabbit part is flexible and the kind of design that works deliciously well for me. It has the extra bump for more pressure and the 2 flexible ears can be positioned any way I want (usually backwards to “cup” my clit from both directions).

It has a surprisingly big, round head, which can be a challenge at the beginning of the penetration, especially because this is also a moving head, so I need to be well lubed or already wet in order to make the movement smooth. 

Because of the moving head I was afraid that the vibrator was going to break at the neck, but after a year of usage (ok I have plenty of toys, so this is not my everyday rabbit, but I still love using it a lot) and moving 4 times it is still in perfect condition, so I don’t worry about breaking it.

Still related to the round, almost wand-like head… It feels amazing inside and moving. So the shape and the size are totally justified.

The 3 buttons are at the end of the rabbit, and it is easy to feel them, and find the right one to press. (This is my usual complaint with the more “hidden” buttons). The closest button to the shaft is the on/off button. It takes some time for the device to switch on, and the button will light up. When you press it again to switch off, it is going to turn the whole device off, so you can easily stop everything within a second without playing with all the 3 buttons. The next button is for the thrusting (3 speeds). So in order to make it work you need to switch on 2 buttons, and this helps to avoid any turn-on accidents. :) The 3rd button is for the (10 functions) vibrations. This is for the rabbit head and the shaft as well.

I’ve got plenty of wildly orgasmic self-pleasure time with this rabbit. I really love how dynamic and powerful this toy is. Thrusting is not really the best word to describe what this rabbit really does. It is a combination of thrusting and “bouncing”.
But at the same time there are 2 things that I don’t like about the Silicone Thrusting Rechargeable Rabbit. 


It is not quiet

Almost all the thrusting devices are on the louder side. So if you are very conscious about the noise level, this will probably put you off. 

It is a challenge to clean it properly

The more folds and hidden parts a toy has, the more time they need to be cleaned properly. It needs extra attention between the ears and especially at the neck folds. I use a brush for a deeper cleaning.

I like this rabbit a lot and I think it is a really good value for all this functions and power and aliveness. 

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