Let’s talk about the new ManCage Ultra Soft Silicone Chastity Cage

One of my favourite topics is chastity devices. I would really like to have a nice collection of the ones that I find interesting, because in my opinion a majority of the chastity cages are not well thought through. 

At the same time I also have to admit that chastity play can be very different from person to person, because the expectations, circumstances and penises (or clitties) can vary drastically as well, so it is a real challenge to create cages that work. I don’t even expect to have a “cookie cutter” device for everybody, but I can’t help being highly critical, when I enjoy chastity (with not me in the device of course) so much.

So far I have known the ManCage chastity devices from their comprehensive boxes with the rings and locks and the hard, longer, but also narrower cages. Really containing everything. At the same time the hard plastic and the size is not definitely for everybody.

So recently they came out with the ManCage - Ultra Soft Silicone Chastity Cage.




This cage doesn’t come in a big box, no rings, no locking options, “just” the soft, silicone body. While the plastic devices are longer and narrower this device is more average in length and it is also wider, so more roomy. 



The cage has an opening for the testicles, one at the end and some extra slits on the top. The material is quite thick and it is on the heavier side (not as heavy as the metal ones of course, but you will definitely feel it when you are wearing it). It is super stretchy which is good news and bad news at the same time. 



If you have an erection you are going to feel the constriction a bit, but just a bit. The cage can grow with you to an extent. And as the penis is engorged the slits are going to be bigger, and I can imagine that some people can experience an unexpected involuntary penis head pop out, especially if lube is involved. And I highly recommend using lube to slip it on, because this heavier, very stretchy silicone feels a bit sticky (a bit like jelly dildos). Please don’t use silicone lube with this material, stick to the waterbased lubes.


The red colour, the shape and the ManCage sign on it feels kind of cocky, so it sets a special tone for chastity play. Hence there is no lock and ring, it is really for play “only”, and not to wear it while not under supervision hence it is easy to take it off. (Except if you have some creative ideas ;) using things that are not in the box to make it much more challenging to take the cage off.) But to be honest it is very easy to have access to lots of yummy spots even while the device is on. 

The slits provide lots of access to skin, so there are plenty of options to tease and of course to deny. The “cage” itself is actually hot and very much attracts attention for sure. If this is what you want, you are going to love the Ultra Soft from ManCage.

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