It is just so hard to stop playing with it

Have you ever touched a male masturbator? Especially the inside of it?

They feel amazing. Even without any lube you are really going to feel them very… inviting. Or at least this is my experience. That I had with my hand “only” of course. I will never know how a penis really feels inside them. Still I have touched and felt lots of them.

When you want to choose a non vibrating male masturbator, the biggest differences between them are the material, inner texture and what genitals (or not) they are made to imitate. Of course there are other features worth mentioning, like the size, if they are in a case, if they are made after a celebrity.

The material of a masturbator is always very soft and stretchy. They can be made from different kinds of silicones or jelly.


The Tenga - Bobble Magic Marbles Masturbator it looks and feels like a combination of silicone and jelly (It is TPE, a kind of elastomer). It is super stretchy, half transparent (so you can see a bit yourself inside moving). This little toy can accommodate and satisfy a lot of different sizes. It is also easy to turn it inside out when you want to clean it. 

However I don’t totally agree with the notion that it is super easy to clean, because of all the ridges of the marbles inside. So you have to be thorough when you wash it.

The “marbles” feel a bit firmer, they are full of ridges, and they can change direction, so they react to every movement dynamically. Most male masturbators have fixed inner texture, but the Bobble Magic is going to create a different experience every time.

This toy comes in a hard plastic container that is really “just” to store your Bobble Magic Marbles in it, not as a shell, because your hand and how tight you hold the masturbator will make a huge difference. It is reusable too.

It is a gender neutral toy, the main focus is on the feel, and I find the Bobble Magic very different from the other male masturbators because of this. I love holding it too. It is really good for releasing tension.

You are going to need a good waterbased lube with it to enjoy it, just like all the other male toys. Even if you have already had some male masturbators, you will find this very different from them. 

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