I’ve tried to let my booty bloom and this is what happened

Ok, let’s start with the “elephant” in the room. This butt plug looks amazing. It just attracts the eyes and you just love seeing it. 

It is so gorgeous, that I just didn’t feel like using it. I felt more like putting it in a vase and having it as decoration. But I can still do this, and I got the Booty Bloom Silicone Anal Plug with Rose in order to review it so duty called :). 

It came in a box, and to be honest, I expected a different material. You know those silicone butt plugs with the diamond at the end? I thought this would be the same material too, but it is way better than that.

Butt plugThis silicone is very smooth and at the same time very flexible. The whole plug is made of this kind of silicone that feels so yummy to touch. Feels a bit velvety. The petals of the rose can be amazing to stroke with, especially the nipples enjoy this stimulation. Not “just” because of the material but because of the shape and flexibility.

Let’s talk about the weight a little bit because that is another unexpected plus. It is medium heavy, so I can have this “well filled” sensation without a huge size. The weight of the rose makes it feel very balanced as well. Whoever designed it, did a terrific job.

The insertable part is more like a medium size. It doesn’t have a huge bulb, which is how my ass loves a plug to be. The “neck” is long, flexible and provides a stable grip. The flower part fits in my palm so perfectly. The rose doesn’t take back from the comfort at all.

It is really easy to insert the tip. The shape, the size and the material are nicely working together here. The flexible neck adapts to all angles easily. 

I love having it in me. Even now just thinking about it makes me smile in a good way. It doesn’t feel “just” like a plug, but something more. I have to admit it is so inspirational that I felt a bit sad that I chose not to have a sub at the moment, so I need a vase or a mirror if I want to admire it.

There is another unexpected thing about the Booty Bloom Silicone Anal Plug with Rose. There are 3 layers of petals and the centre 2 rows can be rotated around. And this somehow makes this plug even more playful and special to me. Of course the rotating layers are a bit more challenging to be cleaned and dried properly. I had to add this here too. 

I highly recommend this plug to those who love the design because the toy itself is much better than what you would anticipate.

You can have your Booty Bloom Silicone Anal Plug with Rose here.

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