I tested the Legend

You know this kind of vibrators. They are called “massagers”. They have this big, bulgy, rounded head and you can see them in porn providing intense, unavoidable, powerful orgasm very fast.

I had a “massager” like this once, many years ago. And Oh Boy I loved it so much that if you tell me that I have 5 minutes to pack my backpack and I only can bring with me what is in that backpack, this vibrator would have been one of the first things I pack there.
But that “massager” died many years ago. First it went crazy and changed intensity randomly that made me love it even more, but then it just died. I decided not to replace it. I worked on my erotic skills a lot at those times and I wanted to focus on the more subtle things and increase my sensitivity so it wasn’t the time for a massager.

And here I am now, after many years, getting the Doxy Massager wand to test. It is a legend. And it is a legend for a reason. So I was curious about it. 

I chose the white one with grey details. It looks pretty neutral and professional. :) It has a 3 metre long cable and a plug with 3 different heads, so you can use it with the main sockets all over the world. The plug itself is huge and it can be challenging if your socket is on the wall and very down. You can see in the video why. But in general I personally love when a toy is always ready to be used and as long as I want to use it, so no batteries needed or charging it beforehand. If you have electricity, you have this powerful vibrator to make you happy right away.

The plug in vibrators are the most powerful. Their motors have all the juice that keeps them running. And their most intense setting is 9000 rpm. The lowest setting is 3000 rpm. And these waves are really penetrating. They have this depth as well, not just “speed”. It is amazing to feel them.

Most people think that all vibrators are the same. This is so not true. And the vibrations of this massager are amazing. 

The buttons are big, and it is very easy to find and manage them. You have 3 of them. 

The first button is the main one, and it switches the Doxy on and off. Also if you press it a bit longer you have the controllable pulse settings. It is rare that massager wands can provide you extra settings rather than the intensity option. Check out the video to see what this means.
Also it is a plus for me that it will start at the same intensity as you left it the last time, so it is up to you where you go from there. That also works well, when you tease yourself or your partner with it. That is powerful.

You also have the usual plus and minus buttons to play with the options. Very easy. Even when I don’t see the buttons I can easily find them and I know what to do to get the results I want. 

My body loves it. Not just at one point but moving it all around my body, especially on my vulva. Not just over my clitoris but down on the legs. So yummy. 

And let’s talk about the downside as well, because so far the Doxy is really a legend and it is mind-blowing. This is not even a question. But there are some things I don’t like about it.

This is a big toy and heavy as well. Just like the most powerful, plug in massagers are. But still sometimes this is in the way. Especially if you just want a quick orgasm under the duvet. The duvet is in the way to position it as freely as you want.

It is also quite loud. The more you use the plus button the louder it gets. Not just you, but the Doxy as well. Sound is not an issue where I live, but this can be a turn off for some people. I hear you here.

But other than this I find the Doxy and amazing plaything in my pleasure box. Totally worth having it. 

Click here to get yours.

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