How to make your partner happy - if they are sensual?

I’m giving you the tools to have that deep satisfaction in your sex life that you have always wanted. It is all about knowing your and your partner’s arousal map. When you have that you know how to initiate successfully, you know how to connect and what your partner (and you) needs to ride the waves of pleasure and ignite your passion.

The more you have in your “tool box”, the more confident you are going to be, and your partner is going to be more fulfilled as well.

So let's talk about sensuals and how to blow their minds. 

Sensual is one of the 5 Erotic Blueprints. (The others are energetic, sexual, kinky and shapeshifter.) They love sensations. Tastes, scents, sounds, beauty, romance, textures, temperature…
These are the things that can add to their fulfilment. And at the same time when you are all about the senses, that requires being receptive and open.

And this is one of the challenges that sensuals can have. If they don’t feel safe, connected and relax they can’t be open and receptive.

Plenty of sensuals think that they have libido problems or that they don’t have enough sex drive. But this is not true. I know it seems like that, but the problem is “the set up”. When the circumstances are not right, they are shut off of their desires. It feels like they don’t have it.

But when you know the “right tools and tricks” you can navigate this with ease.

Creating the “set up” or circumstances that can help them to be open, receptive and feel their arousal is crucial here.

Start with the right environment. A nice, inviting bedroom is a must. They need privacy. Knowing that you won’t be disturbed, feeling clean and you being clean, smell good is also something to help them to access pleasure. 

If this is not provided you have way less chance to make them happy.

So creating a warm and romantic environment is making them feel appreciated. You can add some nice music. They like to plan for pleasure and are not so keen on surprises, so give them enough time to prepare. This also means that they are going to arrive more open. 

sensual erotic play tips and tools

They usually make an effort to look sexy and groomed, so compliment them to feel more confident and hot.

See them, breathe them in, listen to them and taste them. Keep them close. The closer the better. They are into cuddling, snuggling, skin to skin contact. Dancing together can be a perfect foreplay. 

Let them take their time. Let them relax and sink into their feelings with every moment. It is really worth all the effort. 

When sensuals get what they need to open up and be receptive, they can experience a wide variety of orgasms including full body orgasms, nipple orgasms, expanded orgasms, lip orgasms, sense based orgasms… The more you concentrate on their whole body the more open to arousal they are going to be.

This is why they react so well to massages. They feel safe, relaxed, open, their whole body is turned on.

They usually love sensual toys, like feathers, furry textures, satin, warm (not too hot) wax

You can add some love tapping, lighter scratches or bites from time to time. This is going to keep them in the moment. Being blindfolded can also add to the sensations.

Use sex toys that are beautifully designed, like this finger vibrator. And as I told you, don't focus on genitals. Involve other body parts as well.

One of their most “erogenous zones” is their heart. So expressing your authentic love or romance is going to open all the gates to desire and arousal.

Keep them in this elevated pleasure state longer and their reaction is going to blow your mind.

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