How to choose your first sex toy?

So you want to have your first toy.
Something that is satisfying, inspiring and not frightening for starting.
Something that is easy to include in your sex life.
Something that is easy to handle.
Something that adds to your sex life without requiring extra attention.

I hear you. And I want you to have the best toy to a satisfying, juicy sex life.

first sex toy

What do you need?

A small, rechargeable bullet

A bullet vibrator is not just for clitorises. The vibrations are for penises, nipples, scrotum, labia, buttholes (not internally if they are not plugs), lips, tummies…

And this is not all. You will find plenty of toys (from prostate massagers, vulva stimulators…) that are operated by bullets that can be swapped with a rechargeable bullet like this or this, so you don’t have to worry about batteries.

Having a rechargeable bullet is battery free, powerful, small, universal and discrete. Play around with it.

Click here for vibrating bullets


To be honest, this is what I wanted to start the list with, but I know that you wanted a toy first. But if you can only have 1 thing to start, choose a lube. A good one. It is going to make a huge difference.

I know that there is a belief that if you need lube, then something is wrong with you (or with your partner). This is not true. A lube always adds to your experience. Even if you are using it for masturbation, anal play, penis massage, penetrative sex, vulva play… It makes everything smooth from the first second. 

So if you only want 1 thing, choose a good lube, and experience the difference. I know it is not “officially” a toy, but changes the whole experience.

Click here for lubes

If you are into penetration - a dildo

Of course you can choose a vibrator instead of a dildo, but plenty of people like a dildo first. Preferably a jelly one or soft silicone. First choose something on the smaller side, rather than a big one. (And lube of course.) You can choose different shapes of colours. You can choose something realistic with balls, or maybe a non-phallic colourful one…

I would also consider a glass toy. They are hard, this is true (the curved shape ones are perfect for g-spot play, because they can give you the pressure you need), but at the same time you can use any lube with them. Like this one.

If you are into trying anal play, than you can find smaller plugs-dildos to start with.

Click here for dildos

If you or your partner has a penis, you would love a cock ring for several reasons.

Thanks to the compression, the cock rings can help to strengthen and maintain the erection longer.
Vibrating cock rings are perfect to enhance penetrative sex. They can also be used for hands free masturbation, like this one or this one.

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How to choose a toy that is going to make a difference for you?

Just because a toy is going to be your first one, don’t choose a cheap toy, just because of the price, but choose a toy, that is really going to enhance your sex life.

What is important for you?

Maybe you want a silent or very quiet toy. Like this.

Or something with a very different shape, so even if your kids find it they don’t know what it exactly is. Like this one?

Something that is app operated and/or even can be used from a distance?

Something with a nice design?

Something very versatile?

Just start small, and expand your erotic playground for more pleasure, juice and satisfaction.

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