How juicy is the Oral Fun Game?

I have a thing for board games and cards… When sex is involved it can even be better. When you are inspired and the game decides for you, so surprise is a big element it is easy to become excited. I have even created my own game in the past, and give luck a role in the play. 

Still, it took me some time to try my first “officially sexy” game, and I chose Oral Fun. I love the idea of an oral centric, sensual option. 



The box is relatively small and light. I have to admit, opening it I felt a bit disappointed. I expected more. First there is the game guide, underneath there is the board, and under there there are the 2 playing pieces/figure, a dice and a pack of sex trivia cards. This is all. And to be honest you can find this info on the box, but I felt a bit disappointed, hence I was thinking about some juicy, yummy options. And in some ways I was right because you also need some extra things to play:

An apple

Some smaller fruit

Lots of lube (preferably flavoured) 

Ice cubes

Sparkling drink

Blindfold (I personally think they should have included it, hence it is an essential part of the game)

Make-up kit and something to take photo with

And if you land on the 18, you need toilet paper, Sellotape, bed sheet, cling film, strings/ropes.

This game has lots of sexy ideas and in general I had lots of fun playing it:), but some of the tips are just so not thought through. 

Let’s talk about what I enjoyed first:

It is easy to follow and it is not extra long. Enough to have a delicious foreplay that is going to lead for something more. 

It is perfect to warm things up or get to know a new partner better before you decide to dive deeper.

You can develop some oral skills and have clear communication about how and where you enjoy stimulation more without feeling guilty hence it is for the game, isn’t it? All games can facilitate communication.

The sex trivia is very interesting and funny.

You can also add your personal “touch” by rewarding or punishing your partner.

What are the things I didn’t like?

Some of the tips are not safe for everybody, so please use your discernment. Like in one of the tasks is to keep ice cubes in your underwear for 3 minutes. This can be 6 ice cubes. This can be dangerous for people sensitive to cold. So have your safe word ready.

Wrapping your partner in Sellotape is not the best idea, it can be painful. Using kitchen foil or a bed sheet to wrap your partner as fast into them as possible can trigger panic in some people. Please have security scissors ready and check in often. Even better, find a different task instead. 

Some of the tips are a bit not thought through, like wiggling your tongue as fast as you can for 3 minutes can cause you not to want to use your tongue after. That is too long for being on your fastest mode. But of course maybe this task is for you, if you are really into sprint marathons. 

I think that the make-up task can go wrong easily, but this is just my personal opinion.

This game is very heterocentric for no reason. Using different languaging it could have been inclusive because you will find options for different genitals and the gender of the players doesn't really have significance. 

In general, I think this is a really good game, it can be hot and sexy to play with. I personally have created some changes to make it totally work for me.  

We recommend trying the ID 3some - Watermelon Natural Lube with it, hence it is not “just” delicious, but it is made for oral sex. It is also a warming lube as well, so you can expect some hot minutes.

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