Hot and intense orgasms in a long play

I'm usually a curious person and I'm into innovative toys. But this was totally different with the Snails. It didn’t make me curious at all. I just couldn’t imagine that this toy could be any good. And the name was also a turn off for me. Snails are not my things, thank you. (It is ok if you find them sexy, I just don’t.)

But then I read some very interesting reviews, heard some people raving about it, so I decided to get one, and test it. When I got home with the box, I put it down, and hadn’t touched it for a month. And then a nice, lazy afternoon I decided it was time to try it. 

So I opened the box…

And there was another box inside. It is a nice surprise to get a sturdy toy box, perfect for something that you want to keep long and would like to bring with you on special holidays to make them even spicier. 

It makes everything discreet without any brand name on it, only the spiral motive. The case is on the bigger side and it is quite heavy too. Inside I found the Snail, the charger and a little booklet as well. You can always hear me complaining about no information added, and thankfully in this case, there is a booklet about the different ways to use the stimulator in 7 languages. The case smells weird inside. This goes away with time, but it was intense upon opening.

The Snail is big and a bit heavy, and doesn’t resemble any of my previous toys and vibrators. The bottom part is straight and rigid, while the top part is flexible, and doesn’t “only” fold and unfold, but can move a little sideways as well. The straight end has a vibrating motor, so is the “snail ball” on the flexible part.

Why is this important? Because this toy can adjust to any kind of anatomy. If you just want to use it externally, you can do that. If you only want shallow penetration while having clitoral pleasure, you can do that too. Do you want to go deeper? You can easily do that too.

I’m somebody whose vaginal opening is further than how usual sex toys are designed, and sometimes this created challenges in the past, so the freedom of play with having control over the pleasure I want and where I want it is already an amazing thing. It is a nice combination of structure and freedom.

The material is smooth and very pleasant, so nice to feel and very easy to insert. Just add some lube and you can start a very orgasmic journey with it. 

The buttons are on the other ball. There are individual controls for both motors. The plus signs are about managing the intensity levels. There are 5 levels to choose from, which is way better than the usual 3 levels in toys. There are 2 separate buttons for the functions, so that you can set the ideal combination up for yourself. 

The vibrations are deep and they feel amazing. But hence you don’t have a plus and minus button, you have to go over the programs to restart from 1. So if you are at level 3 and you press the plus to go for more, but you find it too much, you can’t just switch back, you have to go for 5, then 1 and 2 again to arrive at level 3 again. 

But the most important thing is that it is mind-blowing. After 1 minute of penetration (and I didn’t even go deep at all) I had my first orgasm. It was long and intense. And because it is so easy to change penetration level or pressure I could stay easily with the waves of orgasms and go for more and more and more. I felt like riding orgasms. 

This toy is amazing. It is very different from what I have experienced before, and I’m loving it. Maybe the only thing I would change in order to make it legendary is to give some texture to the folding part.

I find it medium quiet, and of course the more intense you go, the louder it gets. The fold needs more attention when the Snail is cleaned. Also the inside of the case is textile. I would prefer something that is easy to clean properly.
My other complaint is the usual one regarding the buttons of most toys. It is hard to find where to press when you can't see the buttons neither you can feel them properly.

But I’m not complaining at all, because everything feels so unimportant in comparison with how good this stimulator is to make me cum over and over again. It is so easy and inspiring to play with it. 

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