Explore your G-spot and rock your erotic world

There is a lot of curiosity around the G-spot for a reason.
Who doesn’t want mind blowing orgasms?
Who doesn’t want to fully enjoy their erotic potential?
You deserve to indulge in all the pleasure that your body can have.

And still I talk to lots of women, who haven't experienced G-spot pleasure yet, but they want to.

Let’s talk about the 3 main reasons that are in the way to have your G-spot pleasure and about the techniques that work

You don’t know how to start G-spot play right

You probably read a lot about G-spot play, and how to find and stimulate this pleasure center. I’m not talking about lack of information here, but how to set yourself up for success.

Create the environment that serves your exploration

When we are talking about G-spot exploration and stimulation, we think of squirting as well. And this can make a lot of women feel ambiguous about having a wet experience.
Squirting or gushing won’t necessarily happen. You can have a G-spot orgasm or “just” lots of g-Spot pleasure without squirting (and viceversa). But if you are a sensual person you want to be prepared so that you can really let go.

This is why some women prefer to explore their G-spot alone in a “waterproof” environment, like the bathroom or have waterproof sheets/extra towels on the bed. Just in case.

Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel is essential to any kind of erotic experience. When you are exploring yourself alone, then you still have a person who can judge you for whatever is going (or not going) on. If you have a partner then their reaction and presence can also interfere with the rawness of your experience.
So whatever is your scenario, don’t allow anybody to rush you, or tell you that what you are feeling is not good enough. The more you can “just” play with whatever is present in that moment for you, the more you will be able to ride the ease and flow of pleasure. This is how “earth shattering” orgasms are born. :)

Have some essentials around. Lube or your favourite yoni oils should be around. You want a smooth, juicy environment so that your finger or your toy can have the best effect.

Most women find that they need quite a lot of pressure to feel the waves of pleasure through the G-spot. This means that maybe your best option is not your finger, but a toy (maybe a curved glass dildo, like this one) or your partner’s finger. So this is also something to consider. Play with the pressure to explore what feels the best for you.

Let’s go through the 4 main techniques that you can test:


- Applying pressure without moving your finger or your toy
- Tapping with 1 or 2 fingers or using a “knocking” vibrator 
- Circling and rolling around the area in circles
- Browse around the G-spot back and forth, side to side

Maybe you prefer 1 or 2 of these techniques. Maybe you like to have a combination of them. Check it out, how the different stimulation can feel to you. As I mentioned before, pressure is an important factor, so try different levels of it. It is really worth exploring all the possibilities, including what are the best angles and combinations for you.

You expect yourself to be ready for receiving G-spot pleasure without foreplay

You need to be turned on to feel your G-spot. So having some hot foreplay is the magic key to open this pleasure center.

- You can have some breast massage
- Pleasure your clit with a toy
- Put your blindfold on and have a deliciously sensual experience
- Move sexual energy through breath…

The more you are attuned to pleasure, the yummier your G-spot exploration will be.
When you combine your g-spot play with other stimulations (clitoris, nipples, anal, lips…) you have even more chance to have a rocking orgasm. So put your whole body into the play.

You don’t feel your G-spot or the area feels painful

One of the reasons you don’t feel the G-spot is what I told you above, you are not aroused to the level that this area needs in order to open up. 

Don’t focus on what you can’t feel, but on what would feel good or what you are curious to try in that exact moment. If your G-spot decides that this is not the right time to come out and play, check in and attune to what your body wants instead and give yourself exactly that.

Allow yourself to shift, allow yourself to be authentic and focus on your desires.

The most common reason for numbness or even pain around the G-spot is that you  need some de-armouring, so that pleasure can flow freely again. (Read about de-armouring here.)

Many women feel that stimulating the g-spot is somehow weird. The sensation is not what they are expecting, especially at the beginning. So don’t give up. Explore and experiment. Connect to this area, so that you can feel yourself better and unfold a new way of feeling pleasure. Give yourself permission to feel without judgment or expectations.

Do you have a question? Write to me at the sexcoach@playblue.ie so that I can support you to have the juiciest, most satisfying sex life, because you can have that too.

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