Don't choose these toys, get those instead

Let’s start with my disclaimer here: this post reflects my subjective opinion after I tested these products. Maybe not everybody would agree with me. When I say to choose a toy over another one, it doesn’t mean that it is a bad product, just that in my experience we have better options.

I have high expectations when I’m testing products, and I try to be very creative in order to get the maximum from every toy. So here are my suggestions about the better options.


Choose the Pocket Power Vibrator instead of the Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Rabbit Ears Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are essential. They can easily access all the yummy external erogenous spots. From nipples to frenulum, balls and clitoris… whatever works the best for you and/or your partner a bullet vibrator is your best ally.

And one of the yummiest bullet vibrators is the rabbit headed option. The 2 ears engulf the area and provide orgasmic stimulation. The Pocket Power Vibrator Rechargeable is one of my favourites. It is a bit bigger than the Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Rabbit Ears Bullet Vibrator, but in general they are designed for the same job. For the comparison I only consider the rabbit head.

Both of them are rechargeable with different intensities and options. The material of the Happy Rabbit feels a bit nicer to touch, but the button is a bit tricky to handle on this toy. I really hated this part. The button of the Pocket Power is much easier to find and control, but the main difference is the vibrations.

The motor of the Pocket Power bullet is much more powerful and also it is deeper. It feels so much yummier. When I’m using this vibrator I feel like purring and it is making me cum very easily.

The vibrations of the Happy Rabbit are much higher pitched and I personally find them rather annoying than pleasurable. After my opinion was formed I haven’t touched this bullet again. (To be honest I have an amazing collection of toys.) 

The Pocket Power is also cheaper than the Happy Rabbit, so this is also a +.



Let's talk about the Vibrating Prostate Massagers.


If you say now, that “But Viktoria, you don’t have a prostate, so how do you know?” I hear you, but I can still find things out. I can use toys anally or play with them on my G-Spot (lots of men use G-Spot rabbits for prostate pleasure for more intensity and control), or I can test them on other people as well. 

The don’t choose toy in this category is the Fant-Ass-Tic Vibrating Prostate Massager. You can read my review here. I don’t think that this is a bad toy in general, I just think that there are much better options.

The shape is perfect for prostate play and the material is nice. So I don’t have any problem with these. It is a medium size toy, so it can be a bit big for beginners or requires more preparation, but my main complaint is that the vibrator is on the external part of the toy, and it is not a very powerful one, so you don’t really get much internal stimulation, hence the head is the furthest point from the vibrator.

The Fant-Ass-Tic Vibrating Prostate Massager is not the only toy where the vibrating part is on the external part. I would choose a toy with a set-up where the vibrations are actually around the internal prostate point (or both external and internal).

From a very similar price range, the RevPro Vibrating Prostate Massager With Cock Ring would provide more internal stimulation for you. 

If you are open to going up a bit more in price then you will find plenty of options, and here the toys will be rechargeable, so you will find them to be even more powerful.



Get a better Under the Mattress Restraint


My first under the mattress restraint was the Bed Shackles Bad Kitty Set of 4. At that time PlayBlue didn’t have many options, and I also didn’t know what to look for. I just really wanted the straps under my mattress and the restraints, so it looked like a good idea.

The straps were fine, but I was not able to fix the cuff well at the end. I’m sure that those who are good with ropes can sort this out, but whatever I did, the cuffs slid away while I was using them. And it is super frustrating (for both parties) when you want someone bound, but they can move almost freely. The cuffs are soft and they close with Velcro. I prefer a bit more to have metal clip closures, but this is really just preference. 

The Bed Shackles Bad Kitty Set of 4 is a good set for its price for somebody with good skills and not much expectations, but I would recommend the sturdier Bed Bindings Restraint System instead which is closer in price but a much better quality. My favourite is the Professional Under Mattress Restraint Set instead. It is amazing quality and hence the cuffs can be used separately (the same is true for all sets) it is a versatile and very sturdy set.

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