Do you want to go for mind-blowing clitoral orgasms? These toys are right for you…

Your clitoris is magical. Yes, I'm talking about yours. I know that you know there is more pleasure, more orgasms available to you. I’m here to help you unlock more of this bliss with the right toys.

When you think of adult toys, you usually think of vibrators and we are going to discuss them, but you have other options as well to enhance your orgasmic potential.

Orgasm gels and drops

These liquids and drops are designed to create more blood flow all around the clitoris, so that you can feel more. Your clitoris will be bigger and more sensitive. Their effect is just temporary.

Tip: Always try the liquid first on the inner area of your arm to check over sensitivity. 

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Clitoral pumps

You probably have heard about the penis pumps and how they can help with erections. The clitoral pumps are a bit similar in the sense that they create a vacuum effect that enhances the blood flow and helps to engorge the clitoris, so that you can be more receptive to sensations. Rub a little bit of lube into your clitoris before using a pump.

Some clitoral pumps can also have extra vibrations added to enhance the sensations even more.

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Bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators are a must. They are small, easy to hold and manage, and also powerful. So fuss free and simple. One of my top recommendations is this one. But there are more options coming all the like, like this one with different tips to create the best shape for your orgasms. All you have to do is to find the spot on and around your clitoris that feels the best and play with it. I always find the rechargeable ones much more powerful than the battery operated ones.

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Magic Wands

Wands are super powerful, especially the plug in ones that are ready whenever you are ready and stay turned on as long as you want them to be. They have a way bigger head than the bullet vibrators so you will feel the vibrations more expanded, and because of this, the feeling will be different. It is not necessarily one is better than the other it is all about what your clitoris likes the most.

Try the vibrators over clothing. Some people prefer these vibrations over skin contact. 

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Clitoral suction stimulators

Clitoral suction stimulators are quite new. It all has started with the Womanizer and nowadays more women have some kind of suction toy in their pleasure box. Some toys like for example the Twitch really do suction with some vacuum, but most of the suction toys create airwaves around the clitoris. The sensation is more like pulsation than vibration However some toys like most Satisfyer ones can provide suction and vibration at the same time. The Satisfyer toys actually have 3 different heads to create 3 different experiences.

Tip: Play with how much light or strong hold the toy around your clit.

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The new waves of clitoral toys

The development of new toys is unstoppable. 

One of the new waves is precision vibrators. They have a small head so the stimulation is all focused on a small area and most clitorises loooooove this.

The new, tongue shaped clitoral toys are also more and more recognised for their potential. The moving part inspired more presence. 

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