Do you want to cum more? Here is how.

I have recently got a question about how to cum larger loads. (You can write to me at the with your questions. Please check your spam folder for your answer because it is very probable it will be delivered there.) 

And to be honest I had some ideas about what to answer here, but I wanted to be sure to give the best support I can, so I investigated a bit too. And of course if anybody has other effective tips, not mentioned here, please send them to us.

Let’s see the tips and you can choose what you want to apply. I always encourage you to experiment and see how different things affect you and learn your body. I also want to add here, that the amount of cum not necessarily mean that you had a “superior experience”. Especially because you can learn to have orgasms without ejaculation, so that you can go long, have plenty of climaxes and keep your juice for yourself.


And for those who want to know about ejaculating more and further, here are the tips.


Hydrate abundantly

I know how simple and boring this sounds, but drinking more water provides more “foundation” for more cum. So fuel yourself for bigger loads.

Masturbate less

The more you ejaculate, the more work it is required from your body to produce more. So the less you ejaculate, the more you have “spared” to cum next. So be savvy with your sperm and your body will learn to have more to shoot. 

When I say masturbate less I don’t mean that you can’t pleasure yourself. “Just” don’t ejaculate at the end. Stay in the state of lust. 

Edge yourself

Edging is like a superpower here. Bring yourself close to cuming, and stop beforehand. This is going to help you to build the skill to last longer and have more control over the ejaculation but at the same time, it will intensify your orgasm immensely. And more intense orgasms usually mean more intense ejaculation and more volume as well at the end.

Strengthen your pelvic muscles

Your pelvic muscles are the key to intensity too. You will be able to ejaculate further and the convulsions of your orgasms are going to be strong so you will be able to shoot the last drops too.

You can start with holding your pelvic muscles for 3-4 seconds (The easiest way to do this is to imagine tightening and lifting your balls up.). Then relax for 3-4 seconds. This feels like an expansion. Repeat it several times.

Try not to hold your breath back and relax your butthole in order to focus on the right muscles.

Have enough zinc

The most often mentioned supplement for more sperm is zinc, because it is an essential mineral for sperm building. Of course be careful with changing your diet and consult your GP about it. 

The food with high zinc content is: shellfish, meat, dark chocolate, nuts :), whole grains, dairy, legumes.

Some people are “wired” to ejaculate a lot, and some don’t. Still some factors will affect the volume of the cum, like hydration, when you ejaculated the last time, how often you climax, how aroused you are, how strong your pelvic muscles can pump and how is your diet…

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