Comparing 4 strong bullet vibrators, and the winner is…

I love to do toy comparison tests, because they make me go even deeper into all the sensations, expectations and experiences in order to find the best. It almost feels like opening layer after layer of what actually really works for me deep down.

I find vibrating bullets to be the main pillars in my toy box, next to my bed. They are small, convenient and they make me cum fast and strong. So I always keep one handy.

I know what I like, but maybe you have other preferences so the comparison is going to be helpful to you.

Let’s see the contestants:

Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Rabbit Ears Bullet Vibrator

Rechargeable Power Bullet

Limited Addiction Psyche Power Vibe Rainbow

Je Joue Luxury Duet Bullet Total Power


The Rechargeable Power Bullet is the smallest, while the Je Joue Bullet is the longest and thickest of them. All of them are perfect for the clitoris (or anywhere externally) , but only 2 of them are made for vaginal use: the Je Jouet and the Psyche Power. 

Shape & material

They are both made of soft silicone except the Psyche Power that is made from a harder material. The hardness and the tilted top accentuates the vibrations and gives several options to angle the vibrator differently. 

I have to add here that the Je Joue feels the softest, even though its material is not much different from the other 2. The main reason is that the vibrating motor is not in the head of the toy, so the top third of this bullet is really made for sensations. One side is totally smooth and the other half has small, rounded pleasure points.

The Happy Rabbit has a very versatile head. The 2 ears and the big “bump” are both made for creating extra stimulation, so that you can use whatever works the best for you at the moment.

Quietness & power

At the beginning I wanted to separate these 2 qualities, but they are so connected that I decided to handle them together. 

The Je Joue bullet is the quietest. But unfortunately this is also the least powerful of the vibrators. Maybe it is because of the vibrating motor being in the middle part and covered with the most silicone. This seems to dull the power. It starts super quiet and going up to the most intense set up it becomes “louder”. 

The second most quiet of the bullets is the Happy Rabbit one, and surprisingly there is not much of a difference between the settings sound wise. Also I would call this bullet vibrator to be middle in power. It is more powerful than the Je Joue bullet, but less powerful than the other two. 

The Rechargeable Power Bullet starts in power where the other two are on the most intense settings. It is very similar with the sound intensity as well. It starts where the last one finishes, and it is super powerful.

The Psyche Power is very similar to the Rechargeable Power Bullet with a bit more power. These 2 are so powerful that even holding them in my hand makes my palms tingle. I am always surprised how awesome the harder material feels. I always expect the softer ones to be the winners, but it seems that my body is really into the hardness. 

Buttons & navigation

The Happy Rabbit has only one button hidden in a design that looks like 2 buttons. I don’t really get why. After I realised this, it was easy to find the button. As it is the one button option, you can only go in loops, so you have to go over all the options before going back to the lowest intensity. The button lights up when the toy is on.

The Rechargeable Power Bullet also is a one button toy. It is easy to find the button, hence it is at the bottom of the bullet and it is also huge. Supereasy to navigate, but you have to go the loop here as well in order to get back for less.

The Psyche Power has 2 buttons at the bottom. One goes up, and the other goes down, so no loop here. On the other end these buttons are super slow and if you use them on yourself you don’t see them, so you have no idea which way is up or down. Also the buttons are slow to react and too small as well, so I find this part very challenging.

The Je Joue has 3 buttons, 1 plus, 1 minus and 1 for the functions. It is easy to find them, but I personally am not so keen on having 3 buttons for a bullet. But at the same time it is not a big deal either.


Charging & waterproofing

The Je Joue has a Type C charging cable, which is an amazing idea. It is easy to replace the charger if I need to and the charging station is covered when not in use, so that the toy can be totally waterproof.

The Psyche Power has a magnetic charger making this vibrator a IPX7 Waterproof

The Happy Rabbit and the Rechargeable Power Bullet have plug in chargers and are not waterproof.

Price and personal opinion

My personal favourite is the Limited Addiction Psyche Power Vibe Rainbow. It is the second most expensive vibrating bullet in the comparison (44.95) at the time of this publication. The size, the shape and the material accentuate its power, and it is mind-blowing in the vagina (thanks to being bigger than most bullets). I can forgive the lame button construction because I don’t really change intensity during the play (usually the lowest setting), I prefer to just toying with the distance and angles. If I could only keep 1 of these 4 vibrators, this would be my personal choice. 


My second favourite is the cheapest one (19.95), the Rechargeable Power Bullet. It is powerful, the material feels nice on my skin, easy to manage and it makes my cum easily, but doesn’t really work for internal use. I think that this is the best option in value/price comparison. Also this goes to longest with one recharge. 

The Je Joue Luxury Duet Bullet Total Power (59.95) is the most expensive one on the list, and it is only the third on my list. I usually use it on the strongest setting and I’m craving a bit more power. I love the material and how soft it feels. The smooth and the textured sides provide a lot of options to play. Rolling it over the labia or inside the vagina is making me moan.


The Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Rabbit Ears Bullet Vibrator (29.95) somehow is the least impressive to me. And this surprised me, because I had a rabbit bullet before and I loved it so much, but somehow I feel like the vibrations don’t transfer well into my body. Almost like lots of the power is lost somewhere. All the other ones feel better to me.

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