Comparing 3 dildos - Jelly, Silicone, Glass

Dildos are awesome. This is why people have made them for thousands of years. And here you are today, so lucky that you can easily access them in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. It is up to you, and of course the task which one you choose. 

I want to help you with the decision so I’m comparing 3 different dildos. I made a video too, so that you can see them a bit better.

I like both of them. So which one I choose depends on my mood and what I want them to provide for me or for my partner(s). 

Let’s start with the video:

The jelly dildo

For the comparison I chose the RealRock 6" realistic jelly dildo with balls. I love the size. Find it very versatile. The softness allows a lot of resilience as well, which means more freedom when I’m choosing a position rather I’m using it for self-penetration or for my strap-on using it on somebody else. The softness with the extra texture feels amazing. 

The down side of the jelly material is the stickier surface. It attracts hair and any dust in the air easily. It needs more lube than a glass or a silicone lube. 

This dildo has a suction cup, which is surprisingly strong for this size if you have tiles or a very smooth, flawless surface. But when I wanted to use it on my chair, the leather wasn’t a good enough foundation to stick to. This is understandable. I can’t expect the dildo to be able to do that. 

My solution to use this dildo on a chair is to put my harness on the sitting surface and the ropes of the harness are wrapped around the legs. It works perfectly.

The silicone dildo

I chose the SilexD 7 inch realistic dual density dildo in pink for the comparison. It is a very special material. The more it warms up, the more flexible it is. It is much heavier than a jelly dildo, and also a bit harder. Some people prefer the feeling of the softer jelly and others like the harder consistency. So this dildo is harder, but it still has some resilience. The texture adds extra pleasure. The suction cup of this dildo is stronger than that of the jelly one. Of course you can have it in other colours, not only in pink. They are not sticky, easy to clean and the texture also helps to distribute the lube all over the shaft.

The glass dildo

I’m a huge fan of glass dildos. This dildo - the Arts Claire Bleu Glass Dildo is the heaviest of the 3 dildos. Which has advantages and disadvantages as well, of course. Because of the heaviness you will find them in small or moderate sizes, and usually in special shapes and forms.

The one in the video is very versatile. It has some curves and texture. The head is rounded and I can reach my cervix with it, and this is making it perfect for cervical orgasms or de-armouring. The smooth and shaped glass and the stronger pressure also helps with g-spot pleasure. Easy to penetrate with it even with less lube. 

The glass also allows some temperature play. You can warm it up or cool it down. And it is the easiest to clean as well. You can put it in the dishwasher or boiling water as well.
On the other hand you can’t use them in a strap-on for several reasons. They are too heavy, too rigid, no “suction cup”. 

This is why it is so hard to answer the question, which is the best dildo. I think there are best dildos for special tasks or subjective preferences. And thankfully, I don’t have to choose just one. I can have as many of them as I want. So can you.

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