Comparing 2 flavoured water based lubes

Lubes are essential, we have already established this before. The ease and friction free movement allow us to feel pleasure and avoid discomfort, so it is all about enjoying every action fully.

Waterbased lubes are the most universal options, because you can use them with any toys. 

But what if you want more… something extra?

Here come the flavours in the picture and not “just” for oral sex.

As I am testing and reviewing water based lubes I chose to compare the:

System JO - H2O Glijmiddel Sex on the Beach - 60 ml and the

Skins Mango & Passionfruit Water Based Lubricant - 130 ml

So here we go:

Packaging and design

The System JO lube is a smaller size, only 60 ml, so it is easy to bring it with you anywhere you go, even to flight. And somehow this idea always brings a smile to my face. Yes for sex on the beach for sure.

The Skins lube is more than twice as big as the System JO, and there is not much price difference between them, so it is a better value for money in this regard. 

Both of them are fresh and sunny, having the same type of lid. It is easy to have even one drop (a pea sized one) of lube so in this regard there is no difference. If you want to bring the lube with you you need extra protection hence these lids are not travel safe.


Both of the lubes are similar this way as well. It is easy to push them out of the packaging. The lube is drop shaped and it is medium thick, and stays well where it is. Not totally unmoving, with time  and change of direction they start to slide a bit.

But when it is time to spread the drop, there is some difference.

Even though they spread well, the Skins lube will cover more area from just one single drop and it feels thinner. It is your personal preference which one you like the most, so this is not a plus or a minus on its own.

Durability and stickiness

In this regard the Skins lube is better than the System JO. Not as good as the most durable waterbased lube I have tested so far, but I still would find the durability way above average, premium quality. It has never become sticky and after some time it absorbs to the skin without any sticky residue. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this lube a 7.5 in this regard.

This doesn’t mean that the System JO is not durable. I found it better than the generic waterbased lube. After a while it starts to feel a bit heavier, but I wouldn’t call it sticky, just less slippery. Adding saliva the lube is revived again. I give this lube a 6 in this area.

Taste and Fragrance

I know this is very subjective, so I try to be as precise as I can. I also want to add here that there is no sugar or alcohol in them.

The System JO Glijmiddel Sex on the Beach tastes and smells like peaches with a slight bit of orange, it doesn’t really remind me of the cocktail, but it tastes really nice. The aroma is not intense, and I personally love the taste of it. It is very peachy and there is no strange aftertaste. It is perfect for oral sex, not overwhelming, the added saliva keeps the lube active and super slippery. When you want to continue with penetrative sex, it will work as a generic water based lube, and you won’t have a weird peachy scent following you after you have finished. 

The Skins Mango & Passionfruit lube is more intense in the area, not that I'm complaining about it. I have to add here that passion fruit is one of my favourite fruits. As I pumped the drop out, I could feel the very refreshing scent of the lube and I liked it right away. Because of the mango add on it is not tangy, but it is pleasant and fruity. There is no strange aftertaste. I was pleasantly surprised again how likeable the taste was. 

I personally like both of them a lot. The Sex on the Beach is more discreet, so if you prefer something milder that that one is the right lube for you. If you want something more intense and very fresh, then try the Skins Mango & Passion Fruit and you will be blown away. 

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by both of them, and I found them much better than the generic water based lubes in all areas, at the same level as the premium water based lubes with a bit of an extra add-on.

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