Are you looking for the best menstrual cup? Here it is.

I’m a curious person, and I want to know what is the best option. I also love experimenting. It is kinda funny that I was waiting for my period to do the test.

I have already had some experience with other menstrual cups, so with the Satisfyer one. I swapped from tampons to menstrual cups about 3 years ago. I still use tampons too from time to time. I also have period panties.

My flow tends to be super intense. On my second day, I have to change tampons almost every hour. So I'm wearing period panties during my menstruation, and this way I don’t have to worry about leakage.

My comparison consists of 2 parts. The first video is an unpacking video about my first impressions and the second is about what I have experienced. Come with me, and look into the details so that you can find the best menstrual cup for your needs.


Unpacking and first impressions

The 3 menstrual cups in my experiment are:

Satisfyer - Feel Confident Silicone Menstrual Cups - Set of 2 cups, one small and one medium size.

Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstrual Cup - 2 cups - Set of 2 cups, one small and one medium size.

Nina Cup Menstrual Cup - 1 small cup





Even though I have a heavy flow I use a small size menstrual cup, because my vaginal muscles are tight, and even the small menstrual cups can feel too much sometimes. So I’m very sensitive to what I’m wearing.

The Satisfiyer cups are the softest of the 3 cups. They are rounder, and they have these little “handles” so they can easily be grabbed and removed. That works really well. The softness is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

These cups are comfortable. And at the same time because they are soft it is harder to fold them well and insert them. They don’t open inside as much as the other cups, so you have to be more careful to avoid leakage. It is easy to grab and remove them. Also it is the easiest to clean them, because of the rounder shape and more openness.

This set contains 2 different sizes, no pouch for the cups. They are also the cheapest of the 3 cups.

The Fun Factory cups look very edgy for sure. The whole brand is famous for being innovative. Bright colours, cone shape. However the sizes are different and I didn’t see this when they were in my hands. The set has a special waterproof, antimicrobial pouch that can be easily cleaned. This is a really good extra.

The cups look very different from other cups, because of the cone-like shape. There is no special “handle” to grip the cups. The shape and the non-slip material “should be enough” to support the removal. The material is medium soft/hard. It is easy to insert island fold cups. They stay at their place safely.

The Nina Cup is “just” one cup and a nice pouch. It has the usual menstrual cup shape with a bigger handle. This handle looked scary to me, because I have never had this type of handle and it is also much bigger than what I’m used to dealing with. The material was medium soft. So during my period I used both of the cups so that I can tell you about my exact experiences, and this is what I found:

My definite favourite was the Nina cup. To be honest, this surprised me. The best menstrual cup experience I have ever had.

I was afraid of the handle and the bit stiffer material (I mean not as soft as the Satisfyer cup). But actually these were the biggest advantages of the Nina cup.

The cup still felt very comfortable, even if it wasn’t the softest. It was easy to fold it, and insert it exactly where it needed to be. I think this has a huge part of the comfortability factor. I felt safe using it.

The handle allowed me to have a stable grip of the cup and remove it easily and safely. 

The only disadvantage that I have found was that the bottom of the inner side of the cup is not so easy to clean.
It is going to be my “go to cup” in the future and I also will try the bigger cup, hence I love the comfortability factor.

Click here for the Nina cup.

I liked the Satisfyer and the Fun Factory cups too, so I’m not saying that those are bad. I found the Fun Factory cups comfortable and easy to insert, but at the same time the removal is more challenging. Hence it doesn’t really have a handle, I have to use my inner muscles to pull it out and some extra tricks in order to grab the bottom of the cup and remove it. Otherwise these cups feel good and safe.

The Satifyer cups are soft; the weakest point here is also the handle. It is not as easy to find it and grab it as with the Nina cup, and this requires more effort. The material is soft, so it is comfy, and at the same time it is more challenging to fold the cup and insert it as deep as I can. It is not bad, just not as good as the other 2 in the regard of insertion.

I find menstrual cups more comfortable than tampons. (This is one of the reasons I wanted to do this experiment.) Especially the removal. They don’t irritate my vaginal walls and the materials are safer too. I was wearing my period panties with tampons as well, and I have experienced more leakage. (I still know when I’m having an extra flow, it just absorbed more easily and it doesn't leave stains at all.)

If menstrual cups are new to you, I know they look scary. And yes, some of them can be uncomfortable, if they are not the right size or they are not at the right place, not folding correctly…

So the more experience means more confidence. You can learn what feels the best for you.

Use the cups first when you are at home, so that you can remove them anytime, when you feel like it. 

Start with a smaller cup first and change them more often so that you can see if you are comfortable with the cup.

When you are at public places choose the disabled toilet if you can. This way you can wash your cup there before inserting it back.

I hope this made your choice easier. If you have questions, write to me at the email, so that I can answer them.
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