Are 2 pinwheels better than one?

Pinwheels or Wartenberg wheels feel special on the skin. You can’t compare them to anything else. If you have never experienced them they can look scary with all the spikes, and don’t get me wrong they can be hmmm impactful or they can damage the skin if they are not used safely, but in general they are actually lots of fun and exciting. But of course this depends on the pinwheel, how and where you are using it.


At first I got a classic, metal 1 headed pinwheel. It is a bit heavier than I expected, and even though it looks very sharp, it was actually pleasant. It doesn’t damage the skin, just keeps all the nerve endings activated and alive for a short period of time. I enjoyed it way more than I expected.

My second one was a light, plastic pinwheel like the Lil Devil Pinwheel. I thought that because of the size and lightness and less spikes it would have a lighter feel as well, but it is as exciting as the metal one, however because of the different head it doesn't feel exactly the same, but it can be surprisingly intense.


Now I decided to experiment a bit with the 2 headed DUO PinWheel. It came in a black box with a foam insert, cut out for the shape so it is easy and safe to store it even while on the go, which is important. I'm talking from experience here. You need to be careful and if you can, please don’t put it in your carry on while you are travelling. 🙂

I was thinking that the 2 heads mean more stimulation and ergo more pleasure for me, and this is true in some ways, but it is not in others. I love to feel the spikes on my skin, moving and waking up every nerve ending in the area and keeping my attention there. On the other hand, hence the heads are fixed the sensation feels kind of connected and predictable, so from the feeling part somehow I don’t feel I get more.

Having 2 separate pinwheels moving on me would feel way better than one. I would love the non-synchronized, more surprising, including feeling of only one from time to time. But I have to add here, this is my body’s subjective erotic wiring, so this is not for everybody. I think I would have liked a duo headed one that is more similar than the 5 headed, where the heads are next to each other.

From the perspective of the giver the 2 headed pinwheel is absolutely easier to handle, than 2 separate ones. The only times when this can be a disadvantage is when you have a smaller, specific area to navigate. 

Please be aware that pinwheels shouldn't be used on delicate areas like genitals, balls, nipples, face… because they can easily cause damage. 

Still pinwheels are amazing to make you feel alive and really present in my body. 

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