A practical, silky and sensual massage oil

Sensual massages are the stairways to paradise for me. When I can just allow myself to relax into the sensations and melt into the smooth pleasure in the moment nothing else matters. I know this sounds like pure bliss, but there is one problem here. If something is not right it can stop me from experiencing this heaven. This is why I try so many massage products, and test them.

The BodyGliss -  Massage Collection Silk Oil Cocos & Rum felt a bit risky to be honest, but I tried it anyway. 


The packaging looks gorgeous, which makes it a perfect option for a gift as well. I love the pump function because it is easy to handle and I was able to manage the quantity of the oil I get, even one drop, if I only wanted one drop. So this part is definitely a plus.

Also so many people love the sensation of the purred oil on the skin almost like a foreplay before touch. I am one of them, and the pump helped me with this too.

There are advantages and disadvantages of the plastic packaging. I prefer my oil to be warmed up, and I wouldn't warm up a plastic bottle much. This is “just” my personal choice, probably most people don’t have a problem with this. So either I use it without warming up (like in hot weather in the summer) or I have to warm the oil up separately. 

I was mostly afraid of the fragrance. I love the scent of rum, but coconut can be a hit or miss to me, and I am a very sensitive person, so if something is a miss for me, I just don’t use it, because I won’t be able to relax. 

To my surprise the scent is not overly strong, sweet but not too sweet, it is not overpowering. I actually like it a lot. It has a delicious, not strong taste as well. So far so good.

The oil has medium consistency, and it spreads smoothly and nicely. Hence this BodyGliss massage oil has quite a lot of silicone; it feels like the oil is absorbed and a thin, slippery layer left on the skin, which allows glide with ease for a longer period. If at any time I feel like I want to stop I can stop and dress up without worrying about any residue or stains on my clothes. I have to admit that this is a very practical massage oil. The scent doesn’t linger for very long, which is also a good point for me.

On the negative side I have to add here, that there is no moisturising effect on the skin. The skin feels silky smooth and looks radiant because of the silicone barrier, but there is no hydration.

According to BodyGliss this massage oil can be used as lubricant as well. I have to add here, that because of the oil part, it is not safe for condoms. So if you decide you want a whole body massage and continue internally then this massage oil can be perfect for you. I can’t talk about this part, because I won’t use flavoured lubes inside of me. I like them for oral sex, but I stop there.

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