5 ways to make those nipples craving for more

Mmmmm nipples are so….. wired for pleasure. (Even if you don’t find them to be very sensitive right now. You can build more sensitivity.) So send them to heaven, because if you stimulate them right they can just be as orgasmic as the genitals (because actually there is a connection between them).

We know that licking and sucking can feel amazing (both giving and receiving). And of course communication is key. Whatever you do, always start slow and light before you add more intensity. The sensitivity of the nipples can change and this is especially true for those who have periods. So check in often. 

When your partner is sensitive it is easier to be overwhelmed. When this happens their nervous system can shut down and they probably won’t feel anything or totally shut down. 

But how can you elevate your nipple game? 

Here are 5 tips for you so that you can both have unforgettable, amazing, heavenly nipple memories.

Play with the temperature

Make those nipples stick out for more by blowing some chill air on them. The light and cold sensation works wonders for the sensitive ones.

But you can exhale some warm air on them as well. This is so stimulating and comforting at the same time. This combination is just so inspiring. They are going to want more from you.

Of course you always have the option to play with something cold, like ice, a cold glass dildo, frozen fruit… It is all about the wantasy. But always warm your partner up first, don’t start with a supercold sensation or they can shut down. The warm up doesn’t need to be physical, you can start to tell them how you are going to use ice on their nipples just to see their nipples hard and ready for more.

Other warm sensations can be prewarmed oil purring on the breasts and nipples. But let’s talk about this in the next option:


Combining tastes and nipples (use your teeth only slightly, use your lips and tongue mostly instead) creates a sensual and hot experience. When you drip delicious oils on the breasts it has a double effect. The feeling and the anticipation of the tastes together are yummy.

Choose some juicy fruits and let the drops travel down your partner’s neck and breasts and just catch them at one point and make your partner moan.

Allow your taste buds to be alert even if you don’t use “extra flavours”. Feel the skin and use your lips in a way that you would taste something delicious. The way you are present and show up for pleasure will create magnetic experiences.


Tease your partner. Give them the best sensations and spoil them with all that you got. Then just have a little pause. So that they can feel how much they want more. Let them beg. And then start to build that wave of pleasure again. This is going to keep them in the present moment even more. 

Add your hands

Massaging the breasts while you use your lips may be what your partner needs to be raptured. Of course you can put your hands to some other places not “just” on the breasts. Groping, light touches with the fingertips, kneading… use your imagination and your hands. 

Of course you can try some squeezes, use your nails on the delicate skin or pinches on the nipples if your partner has some kinky steaks. But do this only if you really can be present in the whole experience.

When your hands “just” go automatic you both will feel the extra umph, also this can even be a disadvantage. So if you feel that this is too much to handle then just use your hands as extra from time to time for shorter periods.

Switch up techniques and maybe add some toys

I’ve just mentioned doing some multitasking and now I’m saying switch up techniques for a more satisfying experience? This is not necessarily about using hands and lips together, but adding a new kind of experience from time to time. When you continue doing the same thing for a longer period it becomes less and less interesting for the nervous system and your partner is going to feel less inspired. Thai is when they start to be in their heads.

So doing something different and switching things up can keep their attention on the experience. Maybe you just used your tongue going circles, and the next thing you do is just blow some cool air on their nipples. And slow down. Maybe it is time to whisper into their ears how much you enjoy seeing them in their pleasure. Or how amazing they taste…

Of course you can always add toys to your play. Vibrator, feathers, clamps (if your partner is into them), silicon nubs, pumps…

There are so many options. You don’t have to use all of them. And please don’t use them in one encounter jumping from one element to the other, then the other. Allow your partner to deepen into the experience, pause a bit from time to time, check in… 

When you decide to elevate your erotic play the possibilities are endless. Allow yourself to be curious and experiment. And of course come back for more tips.

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