5 pervy adult toys, that maybe you haven’t thought they even exist

I don’t know where I am on the pervy scale. I guess this is a totally subjective scale, so it is all fine wherever we are. And of course it is all about the eye of the beholder.
The question is always what do you consider pervy and what is “just” hot. So maybe these toys are not pervy for you or they are out of your interest. Or maybe these toys are pervy and you really find them exciting. And please, forgive me, if I’m not pervy enough. I’m trying. :D

Anyway it is always good to see some intriguing options to have, even if you don’t consider playing with them. 

So let’s see something hmm exciting to give your play a different kind of spice. 

Squirting dildo

This is 2 in one. What would make a dildo more realistic than to squirt? You can put your own liquid in the container, and it is totally up to you when the dildo will cum for you. There is even a recipe to help you make it as realistic as you want. Just enjoy.

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Fake sperm

You can use this fake sperm with the squirting dildo if you want to. Or implement it in your cuckolding play. I actually have a tube of this. Looks very realistic and even feels very realistic. The consistency. Even the taste. It is not intense, but you can even make somebody believe that it is real.

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Bad Kitty Spreader String with a vibrator

This is almost like a g-string but the 2 clamps help to open the labia and expose the most sensitive parts of the vulva. The bullet vibrator is attached to it, so that you can use pleasure or as a reward whenever you want or as a punishment. Hence the vulva is super sensitive, there is an option for both. So be sure to test and know where the line is between the two.

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It looks innocent and playful. It is pink and rounded. Padded and cushioned for extra comfort. A cute invitation to ride. But this toy has 2 vibrating areas and a cock. Is it just my fantasy that I can imagine plenty of different scenarios with this cutie?
It is the kind of toy that doesn’t look pervy. Until you start to play with the ideas. So lovely. Not just for women. 

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Strict Ball Stretcher With Leash

I just love this one so much. You can just lead somebody by their cock (or you can be led). Just add some extra weights if you want or attach something funny to it to make it more humiliating. You have all the control. Enjoy.

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