3 ways to help her to cum

Orgasms are awesome. 

Do you agree?

And I bet you love seeing your partner cuming.

It is the most amazing thing when they are in their pleasure, without control, totally enjoying themselves.

So I get it, you want them to have the most mind-blowing, juiciest orgasms…

So how can you help them to get that next climax and the next and the next after that?

Unleash them from any expectations

I get it, I get it, you wanted a very practical tip first. But let me tell you that freedom is the foundation for orgasms. Pressure and performance anxiety are undermining all effort. The best orgasms are not rising from effort, but from pleasure. Of course sometimes effort can increase pleasure, but when sex feels like work, that you are… not on the right track.

When you have an agenda including you wanting her to cum so that you can feel good about your performance and her performance that works like an orgasm blocker. You don’t have to say it out loud, it can be felt.

So one of the main things you can do is not try too hard to make her cum.

What should you do then?

Have the best sex of your life. Focus on the pleasure that is there instead of on what is not there like her orgasm yet). This requires awareness, openness, connection and communication. When you master these, you have the most stable foundation for the best sex ever.

Spoil her clitoris 

So now that you are present and in the moment give more attention and stimulation to the clitoris. This can give that extra boost for her to break through.

It doesn’t mean that you have to use your hand or your lips all the time, you have plenty of other choices, so that both of you can feel free and supported at the same time. 

What can help you to give her clitoris this extra stimulation?

Clitoris boosters


Clitoris boosters are about creating more blood flow in and around the clitoris. So that she can be stimulated and her sensations could be heightened. 

Nowadays you have plenty of options to choose from.

Tingling lubes can be used all over “just” like a generic lube, but at the same time they can enhance the sensations as well.

The orgasm drops and liquids are more and more popular. You can experiment with the right amount and just rub them in the clitoris and see which dosage has the best effect.

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Vibrators can feel amazing. The vibrating bullets are perfect to provide intense pleasure for smaller areas.

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The wands are also popular choices, hence they can be like extra turbo stimulators. 

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Vibrating cock rings can free your hands, hence you don’t need to keep anything in your hand, but you still have the sensations, that are actually coming in the rhythm of the thrusting so that you can feel more connected during sex. 

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Couple’s vibrators usually have 2 motors. They are flexible with one part inserted in the vagina and the other part vibrating over her clitoris. These vibrators can be worn during intercourse so that both of you can have the extra umph.

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Let her know how much you enjoy yourself

One of the biggest worries that she has about orgasms is that she is taking too long. Don’t underestimate how much the mind and emotions are connected to have an orgasm (or not.) So when you enjoy yourself and you let her to feel free and you also provide some extra stimulations to her clitoris, you are going to have an amazing experience.

When she knows that what you are doing is arousing to you and you don’t do it from duty (and so many women are struggling with this) but from turn on, she can finally let herself go.

So reassure her about how good you feel, give her compliments, tell her how sexy she is right in this moment, moan and move. Your ecstasy can trigger hers. :)

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