3 tips to get your partner the gift that can ignite the flames of pleasure

Giving a pleasure gift for someone can be very risky. You really want something that turns the other person on, but if you get the wrong thing, they can feel misunderstood and they can feel disconnected. But what can you do in order to really find the right thing for them?

Before I get to the tips and exact recommendations, I have to advise you against something. Please choose from the right place. I mean don’t buy a gift that will lead your partner to fulfil one of your biggest sexual fantasies. (That is a step you do after you establish a stable intimate playground with your partner, so it is along the way, but it is not your first step.) 

Choose a gift that is about your partner and it is something that they can find arousing (or at least puts them into a more open, receptive mood). Give them space to explore and help them to play freely without expectation regarding the outcome.

But what to choose to really make them happy?

Sets are your friends

You can find pleasure boxes and sets of toys in different themes, and the content is not “just” your choice. Even if your partner doesn’t like something there is a good chance they are going to love some of the other pieces in the collection. You will have some toys to experience and play with. There is space for the both of you to try new things.


Some sets, like the Sexy Weekend Kit are “just” a small add-on gift, so it is less risky to surprise your partner/friend with them.

On the premium side you get beautiful options especially made for couples, males, females and also BDSM boxes.

The LoveBoxxx - Romantic Couples Box - Delux Gift Set is gorgeous containing a lot of hot options including remote controlled toys. 

And if we are on the topic of BDSM, this is the area where you’ll find the most sets. Some of the sets, like the Blaze Ultimate Bondage Set have furry inserts to make them more comfortable.

You can even have a red themed BDSM box if you want something different.

If you think that your partner is more into sensual BDSM, this rose coloured set is maybe the right one for them. 

I have to add here, that please only give a BDSM themed set, if your partner has already communicated it to you, that they are interested in trying it out, and not because this is your fantasy.

Click here to check all the sets.

Games can ignite action

Board games, cards, roulettes and dice are really good at igniting new experiences and make things happen. They are inspiring and challenging and it is all about the game to decide what is next, so there is less pressure. The excitement and the adventure is the best that can happen to you.

Monogamy is the game that so many PlayBlue customers love, but you can also “just” try a hot set of challenges like the Erotic Heart.

or let the cards decide about what is next for you.

Click here for all the games.


Lingerie that works for lots of shapes and sizes

Choosing the right lingerie can be very tricky, especially when you don’t know the right size. You have several options to find the right piece.

What is really joker lingerie? It is something that is going to fit regardless of the person’s size. The best examples here are bodystockings that are made from some kind of fishnet, so they are going to follow the natural silhouette of the body, while at the same time they are also sexy covers.


Still there are 2 sizes to consider. Or you can choose the so-called One Size options or the Queen size/Plus size for the more curvy woman.

The brand Le Desir even designed thongs with sliders in order to create knickers that really fit perfectly.

Harnesses are also adjustable so that you can really have the desired fit.

If you know your partner’s measurement (which you can get from some of their clothes), you can even be a bit braver. 

Click here for all the lingerie.

A sensual gift that feels like a treat

When you give a sensual gift, that is not necessarily about penetration and it is not sex centric, the pressure on the person receiving is much lower. It is really about spoiling the senses. 

Massage candles and massage oils are the perfect examples for this, but what if you would choose a luxurious, edible body paint

or the stimulating orgasm oil?

 You can make any occasion special and than you can enjoy the sexy play time as well.

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