3 tips for an unforgettably hot Valentine’s Day

Do you want to make this Valentine's Day different, creating a time and connection that you will remember with a smile on your face even later on? Let me inspire you with 3 tips so that you can create an unforgettable time celebrating your connection.

Of course you don’t have to follow all the 3 tips, just choose what would work for you. (Even though the 1. one is essential for any sexy time.) Feel free to use some of the ideas for other date times that suit you best. 

Be present and intentional 

I know this sounds so obvious, and still it is already a challenge for a lot of people. Also if you are not really present (I don’t only mean it physically) then all the rest is already doomed.

So be intentional, and think about what you want from this event.

How do you want your partner to feel?

How do YOU want to feel?

And this can guide you to some practical points and tasks to do.

And this is what is going to create a time worth remembering.

Also this helps to be practical and you can see which direction you want to go, what you need. Is it going to be one person to organise the evening or are you going to take turns…

Create a physical invitation

How would you react to receiving a physical invitation card made with care to a juicy date for the 2 of you? A handmade card is even better than a professional one, showing that you made an effort. 

Give some space for mystery, but at the same time give away some practical details. Like how to dress and what to prepare for. Anticipation is a huge aphrodisiac, so it is feeling appreciated. 

Creating a physical invitation card also shows that you prepare and you care deeply. The card is also a keepsake of this hot and sexy time.

Organise an erotic photoshoot / write about a memorable experience you had together

Rather you choose to have a professional take erotic photos of you together or you choose to do it yourself allowing your pleasure to be seen is a beautiful way to appreciate your connection even more. 

The preparation can create a huge momentum for more. You can go for a theme based photo shoot, and you can also recreate a sexy time you had in the past. It doesn’t need to be a nude photoshoot in order to make something you want to accentuate visible and even more memorable. 

If you feel that visual creation is not your thing you can opt for writing instead. You can choose a hot memory and both of you can write their version about that time or you can choose to share a sexual fantasy in writing. Exploring more about your desires and erotic potential is a way to connect deeper and create more intimacy.

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