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Contact: Robert Doyle


Phone: +353 (087) 9861282


10th Jan 2024


Dublin, Ireland - High Sex Drive? Willing to explore your Sexuality? Looking for a Dream Job? Then this might just be the perfect opportunity. PlayBlue is looking to hire a new sex toy tester who will be asked to play with sex toys all day.

This is a job for someone with stamina and an unending sexual appetite. The only question to ask yourself, Can you get too much of a good thing? PlayBlue has thousands of sex toys waiting to be tested and reviewed and want the prospective candidates to put them through their paces. The applicants will need to be open to trying all types of sex toys and willing to explore new experiences. There will be sex toys for solo and couples play so a partner willing to allow a wide range of sex toys into their sex lives will be a help.

“This is the dream job of a lifetime. Getting paid to orgasm as often as possible doesn’t sound too bad, does it?” said Robert Doyle of PlayBlue. “We are looking for at least one candidate but maybe more if we get impressive applicants and of course this job is open to men and women.”

“Without a doubt this is a first in Ireland. There has never been a paid sex toy testing job before and let's just say we don’t expect it to be too difficult to fill the position.” said Robert Doyle 

The position is a work from home opportunity with the sex toys to the tested shipped out. As an added perk this job includes a lifetime supply of free sex toys. As the winning candidate will be able to keep all the sex toys tested. Once the products have been thoroughly tested the job will include writing up reviews of the experience with recommendations and suggestions of the best ways to use the sex toys. So a good level of written English and a fun but informative writing style is important.

Testing sex toys can of course be exhausting work and PlayBlue will need a candidate with stamina and a large sexual appetite, but this is probably the one job you won’t mind doing overtime for. PlayBlue have a wide range of goodies waiting to be put through their paces and these include all the old favourites like vibrators and dildos but also suction play and light bondage play. 

So if you fancy a dream job testing sex toys from home and getting paid for it, you might want to contact PlayBlue as this position won’t take long to fill.

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ABOUT - PlayBlue has been operating since 2011 and is Ireland’s biggest online adult store. They also have stores in Cork and Tallaght.

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