You might be missing out?

Maybe you are on board with our PlayBlue Deadly Deals but if not I can guarantee you are missing out. We run 24 hour deadly deals once or twice a week. The deadly deal is usually at least 50% off a product and only runs for 24 hours. No messing no lying the product will be back to normal full price straight after the deal expires.

PlayBlue DeadlyDeals

We send it out on our newsletter, so to get on board you need to sign up. It will also always be on the homepage in featured products and sometimes if I’m up to it I post it on social media. I must admit I’m bad at this bit and often don’t so the safest option is to sign up to the newsletter.

We nearly always deadly deal a product we have a significant amount of stock in but sometimes we only have a few and it is first come first serve. To give you an idea of the Deadly Deals we have run in the last month. We have run a Rocks Off 160mm Bullet for only €8, usually €15.95. We had the Satisfyer Legendary Duo Dual Cock ring at only €15. Then we have the ever popular Orgie Orgasm Drops only €9. 

As you can see we are not pushing end of stock or products we can’t sell, these are some of our best sellers at mad prices. The whole idea is to spark a little interest in a brand and give our customers an easy cheap way to try something new. A little like sneaky drug pushers we want to get you hooked, but we also want you to discover something new that might just lead you into a whole new sex life. It is a real win-win. 

If you sign up to the newsletter we don’t tie you in to anything you can always just use the links at the top and bottom of every newsletter to unsubscribe no hassle no fuss. We promise we don’t spam you and we will never give your email address to anyone. 

To give you the heads up we have a deal with the Satisfyer brand to do a load of deadly deals on their products so you can expect a good portion of the newest newsletters to be this brand. So get on board, you can sign up here (it is also on the bottom of every page including this one) or if you place an order there is a sign up option in the checkout.

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