You get what you pay for

Fake Sex Toy BrandsAt PlayBlue we love our brands. We don’t really believe you can just get a Chinese copy of something great and hope it matches up. Generic Chinese copies of sex toys are a real problem in the industry because they force a race to the bottom and customers who buy a €10 vibrator that looks like a Jessica Rabbit is inevitably not going to be satisfied in all senses of the word.

This creates a false impression of sex toys and turns people away from the wonderful experience sex toys can bring. It’s just a case of making sure you get the right sex toy and not a cheap copy.

Own brand sex toys are a little like buying yellow label lager and expecting it to match up to your favourite tipple, it’s not going to happen. Unfortunately most of the really big international players in the sex toy game are rushing down the yellow label route with no regard for customers or the quality of the products they sell. 

They all have their own brand sex toys, a couple of them have 4 and 5 brands trying to hide the fact. All are cheaper than the real sex toy brands and all are heavily promoted on their websites.

The reason for all this is they get them made super cheap as copies of original products so the margins they make are much higher but of course the quality of the products can never match up to the originals.

Don't get me wrong price is really important and we pride ourselves at PlayBlue at having the lowest prices you can find but surely you can agree there has to be an acceptable minumum level of quality before a lower price becomes worthless.

At PlayBlue we haven’t gone down the own brand route mainly because we just don’t trust the products. We have a huge selection of products and brands and try to cater to everyone but we want to supply the products that people purchase and now cheap knock-offs instead.

One of our nameless competitors recently let it be known in industry that they have a return rate of just over 5% I was amazed, that to me says 1 in 20 customers was dissatisfied enough to send the product back! At PlayBlue our return rate is less then 1% and I believe it is mainly because we sell mostly higher quality branded goods.

We love Rocks-Off and Jessica Rabbits and Doc Johnson and We-Vibe and all the other great brands that have innovated and care for the quality of the products they put theirs names too. We want these great companies to continue to create wonderful experiences for our customers and we don’t for one second believe we could replicate the design, expertise and attention to detail they plough into each of their products.

Our advice at PlayBlue is you don’t have to spend the moon and stars to buy a great sex toy experience but that doesn’t mean you should rush for the cheapest copy of the product you want either.

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