Yellow Pack Sex Toys

The term Yellow Pack is synonomous in Ireland with cheap. This as any Irish person will know refers to the original “own brand” label range of products that Quinnsworth brought out in the late 80s. They were cheap and not particularly good and seen as products that nobody wanted. Nowadays own brand products are all over the supermarkets and the quality of many is easily on a par with established brands.

In the sex toy industry the influx of own brand products is really speeding up and in my opinion a real danger to everyone who loves sex toys.

There are literally 100s of cheap versions of every even moderately successful sex toy. The quality of these products are really poor generally but they can sometimes be super cheap.

For instance I’ve seen Fleshlights Girls available on competitor websites for €49, if these are legit and are paying VAT and sourcing the genuine article then these businesses are losing money on every sale. I know this because Fleshlight sets a very strict wholesale price which for nearly everyone (there are always a couple of super favourite customers aren’t there) pay the same price. So selling a genuine Fleshlight Girl for €49 is literally madness.

This cheap Fleshlight is obviously one of the many cheap counterfeit versions or a cheap yellow pack copy and not the genuine article. Either way the customer who buys it is going to be left with a bad impression of Fleshlight, Sex Toys and if it was a first try possibly masturbators for life.

The incentive for real sex toy companies to create and sell incredible sex toys is diminished because create something cool and new, it will be copied and sold at half the price inside the month.

This hurts everyone in the industry and I think the industry needs to do more for retailers trying to sell genuine established brands. Retailers specialising in Own brand sex toys or obvious counterfeit should be cut off from the distributors and manufacturers and let them sell their own cheap crap and nothing else. Then anyone who wants a real sex toy will come to one of the real (PlayBlue) sex shops that sells all the incredible sex toy labels that continue to innovate and design sex toys that we love.

Brands like Fleshlight, We-Vibe, Doc Johnson, Tenga, Nalone, Pipedream and all the rest etc should stand up and refuse to supply products to retailers that are trying to kill the industry for a quick buck and consumers shouldn’t support them either if they want to be sure they are getting a sex toy that will satisfy.

Buy a sex toy is not like buying a tin of beans, a cheap tin of beans will be eaten and forgotten no big deal but a sex toy is going to be in contact with your most intimate areas and the whole point is to have a pleasurable experience, think about it buy a branded toy from a reputable retailer you’ll be happy you did.

At PlayBlue obviously every product we sell is genuine, we ONLY source direct off manufacturers or from licensed distributors, never from an unnamed factory in China. 

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