Would you buy "Yellow Pack" Sex Toys?

Rip Off Sex ToysBuying a sex toy is not something most of us do every day or week. We usually buy a sex toy with the assumption that we’ll get pleasure out of it and it will last. This is not always the case.

There has been a recent proliferation of own brand in the sex toy industry. Now own brand products have an improving reputation. Years ago the old Quinnsworth “Yellow Pack” products were synonymous with cheap, in price and quality. Now with the advent of the Lidl and Aldi, the concept of higher quality own brand products is probably more common place especially with SuperValu weighing in recently.

Unfortunately this doesn’t hold true in all sectors, In the last couple of years a lot of the larger UK online retailers have moved to own brand products some almost exclusively which is great for them as the margins are much bigger and on face value great for the consumer as the prices tend to be a little lower.

The advantages stop there I’m afraid, these toys are all made in China as copies of successful branded toys but with a total focus on cost of production. This will always result in an inferior product built quickly using inferior materials that will never stand the test of time and is going to ultimately disappoint.

These retailers now are trying to hide that these inferior products are “yellow pack” toys by creating a few brands that they exclusively sell and own to house these products but this is all smoke and mirrors they are still selling the same old knock-offs.

When you buy a sex toy you want quality and you want it to last, my advice is as with nearly everything in life you get what you pay for and when you are talking about a sex toy you should go for a trusted brand like Doc Johnson, Rocks Off, Tenga or Odecco as you know that care, effort and knowledge has gone in to designing and making your sex toy which will mean a better overall experience.

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