When is Big Too Big?

Big Sex ToysThis is a dilemma that crops up again and again in our support calls. It is the most common mistake that customers make, ordering a sex toy that is too big.

Well let’s just roll it back a bit and discuss how big is too big.

Your average male penis is about 5”-6” and in reality is plenty big to satisfy the vast majority of women. A 7” vibrator will then obviously be bigger than the average penis so will feel large to most women.

Going for a 10” or 12” is really for the experienced these are huge and it is not just the length, the girth is where most inexperienced sex toy players are going to struggle.

A glimpse at a 12" Suction Cup Dildo will give most women nightmares and they simply couldn't imagine using a sex toy that big.

To use larger sex toys, first off you need loads of lube on you and the vibrator or dildo. Then it probably is a good idea to warm up with a smaller sex toy to get yourself ready for the bigger penetration. The key here is start super slowly and take your time. You also have to listen to your body, if you feel pain or discomfort you should back off and maybe try a smaller sex toy.

We actually sell dildos up to 18” long and even arm shaped dildos for fisting play so whatever takes your fancy we have it, but again these are not recommended for beginners.

Our advice for beginners is to go smaller between 5”-7” or even smaller and see how you go. You will always use the smaller sex toy as you won't want to bring the big boy out to play every time and you'll use it to warm up for the bigger one you'll get in the future.

Finally I will say, ladies you need to be a little subtle introducing a 12” monster to couples sex play and make sure to discuss it first with your partner. Definitely don’t surprise him with these bad boys because if he is ever going to feel inadequate these are the sex toys to do it!

Having said all that once you get into larger dildos and vibrators with the amazing fuller feeling they offer you’ll find it very hard to go back.

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