What's the deal with Foot Fetishists?

I don’t know about you, but I personally find kinks fascinating. Seems like a somewhat obvious statement, given where you’re reading this - but even before I blogged about sex I would fall into wikipedia holes about BDSM and balloon fetishes nightly. Human sexuality is so incredibly vast and so incredibly weird - how I could I not find it interesting? Maybe kink is my kink?

When you start to venture into the world of discovering different fetishes, the classic one to come across is of course a foot fetish. Honestly, foot fetishes have been so well documented in pop culture that it’s almost stopped being considered odd - as fans of Quentin Tarantino can attest to.

But, considering they are one of the most common fetishes around I don’t actually understand all that much about foot fetishes - even with the amount of research I do and how well-documented they are. What’s so good about feet? What makes a pair of feet sexy? And what does sexual activity surrounding a foot actually entail? Let’s see if we can find some answers.

A Foot Fetish is defined as ‘a pronounced sexual interest in feet’…so far, makes sense. It can include interest to a number of different foot-related things; like the appearance of specific parts of the feet (or the feet as a whole),footware and foot accessories, or things like the feel or smell of a foot - as well as many more.

 Just like attraction to any body part there is no set formula for what absolutely every foot fetishist is in to. People who are into feet like all kinds of feet - some are into conventionally attractive feet, some just like the curves of feet and some like less conventional things like long toes or flat arches. Basically, if you can find something that gives you a bit of a tingle in the above picture, it’s possible that you have an interest in feet…but there’s so much more beyond that too.

Sex with a foot fetishist actually doesn’t have to be all about the feet, it actually varies person to person. There are definitely some fetishists out there who can’t get off unless there is foot stuff involved - but there are others who can get off on just seeing their partners feet during “regular” sex. Some fetishists also only like to touch feet and not have their feet be touched, or vice versa. Some common feet related sex activities would be things like foot jobs (using the feet to stimulate the genitals) or things like feet kissing and worshipping - again, it totally depends on the person and their preferences. One guy may be all about nibbling on toes, while the other might be all about licking arches.  

At the end of the day, foot fetishism is pretty harmless. Yeah, it may not be my cup of tea, but why does it bother me if someone else gets off on toes? It’s also a pretty safe way to express your sexuality - no one is being hurt and there’s no way of getting pregnant if someone is just getting off on feet. Plus, having someone touch your feet can actually feel pretty good. Why not start with a foot massage after a long day of work and see where it goes from there? 

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