What it means to be Irish!

PlayBlue Irish Sex ShopAt PlayBlue we are all Irish it’s 100% Irish owned and operated and run totally in Ireland. I’ll crow about it now and ask you to support Irish (i.e. us) and trust a local site and all the other advantages, I can also say we will not be saying we’re English or American or anything other than Irish, it’s just we probably won’t run the Irish flag on the homepage if you know what I mean.


Why would it make a difference that we’re Irish? Well I do ‘Support Irish’ if the service and price are comparable to other providers, I don’t go with this support Irish no matter what nonsense, if a foreign provider like for me (Amazon.co.uk) offers better value I’m sorry I go with them. Want to get my business? then you are now competing with not only the local providers but the likes of Amazon too now I'm afraid.


But buying from Irish has a few advantages the main one being shipping we can get the order to you next day no foreign company can do that. We also have a local phone number with Irish people on the other end of the line who are all staff of PlayBlue, we don’t outsource our support. We pay all our taxes in Ireland including Irish VAT, we hire staff in Ireland and use Irish suppliers where possible like www.officespot.ie who we find great (free plug there).


In our business you’ll find though that most of our competitors are not Irish which as I said is fine, but unfortunately some pretend to be Irish. They seem to think that by hiding behind a .ie domain name it makes them Irish.


Here are a few simple ways to check if the company is really Irish


  1. Do they offer a phone number and address on the ‘contact us’ page. If they do, ring it see who answers (if anyone).
  2. Are the prices strange amounts like €26.84? This is because they are converted Sterling or Dollar prices and the site is not Irish.
  3. One that bugs me is do they constantly use the word Éire? No real Irish site outside of a government or Irish language site calls the country Éire do they?
  4. Check for returns information does it have an address?


We’d love you to support Irish but only if the price and service matches what you are looking for luckily for us PlayBlue.ie -  Irelands Best Sex Shop covers both!


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