What is Value for Money?

I’m talking value for money today and it also happens to be budget day today, a big day when politicians tell you how well they are doing then give you €10 in one pocket and take €12 out of the other and shout about much better off you are.

Ok maybe I’m getting a little cynical in my old age but I’ve lived through a fair few budgets and the reality is it is all window dressing so my advice is ignore it and get back to something much more interesting like sex toys. We all have a vague concept of value for money but it is not the same for everyone and changes over time. 

From my years of experience selling sex toys I have a certain perspective on value for money. A sex toy that doesn’t satisfy even if was only €5 was a waste and bad value. You should be buying sex toys to enhance your sex-life and personal sexual pleasure. A sex toy that fails at this no matter how cheap is useless. 

Also a sex toy you purchase that has taught you something about yourself is always a success. For instance say Joan who is a little anal curious, like most people I guess, after a dozen visits to PlayBlue.ie and plenty of basket filling and emptying decides feck it and purchases a little anal vibrator. She gets the notification from the courier saying it’ll be delivered today and rushes home early from the office just in time to catch the courier. Ripping open the parcel Joan can’t wait and flies up the stairs, with a little lube and some gentle touches to arouse she starts to play with her new anal vibe. A little tentative at first with some tingly light touches she gently probes her forbidden depths with her new vibrating  love wand in search of new experiences. She feels that slightly forbidden pleasure strobing through her body as she discovers new pleasure points but as she plunges deep and faster she feels her pleasure level off and yearns for more girth and power to explode. A little thrilled yet singed with a hint of disappointment Joan reverts back to her trusty rabbit to find her release.

Phew sorry got lost a bit there in Joan's story, now you could say Joan bought the wrong toy and ultimately it failed but I’d disagree. Joan has started on her anal pleasure journey and also discovered she is more then a little intrigued and needs to go bigger exploring more options, for me that is a success. 

Wrong Purchase

We sell sex toys for all tastes and budgets, for some only the latest big brand will do even if there is a half price equivalent, conversely if you like Joan are trying something new, buying the latest biggest sex toy in that category might not be the wisest course. A small easy to use sex toy can be a brilliant value for money starter. Maybe you find you are just not into anal play and then you have saved a fortune and learned more about your pleasure and body.

Another classical value for money mistake is lubricant. I’m a huge advocate of buying quality lubricant for me it feels much better hence the sexual experience is enhanced which is the most important thing. Second you will use much less each time as it lasts much longer so it might not even end up much dearer. But for some customers they need volume so a generic bulk lube is the best option.

The key takeaway here is to always ensure what you are getting is what you want. Is it worth saving €4 on lube if the dearer one will make the sex you have much more enjoyable - for me the answer is no. Value for money is not all about the lowest price.

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