We Let our Customers Shout About Us

Our best salespeople are our customers. Anyone reading our reviews should come to the opinion we are honest brokers who will try our best to do things right by you. More importantly though is our customers are never slow to let us know if there is something we could have done better which is priceless.

Some websites and shops get terrified by reviews. Try it, sit in a cafe and when the waiter comes down to take your order have Tripadvisor open on your phone in the middle of the table. Half the time they get a little flustered. 

We love reviews, the good reviews are great to hear and give you a little boost but the real value is in the honest bad reviews. These are like little pearls of customer wisdom shining a light on a problem that you can now fix. This is great for your business and lets you easily iron out issues before they cause too much damage.

Don’t get me wrong the reviews where you really feel you did everything possible and you still get 1-Star can be seriously frustrating or the mistaken reviews where they say your were Excellent but give you 1-Star again you can feel like tearing your hair out. But wait an hour and the next review brightens the mood. 

We are delighted to have hit the 500 mark on Trustpilot reviews for PlayBlue. These are all totally independently sourced and the vast majority (99%+) are from real paying PlayBlue Irish customers. We have a few takeaways from the reviews we get.

  • Customer Service is vital and a real differentiator for PlayBlue - So lets double down on Customer Service
  • Next Day Delivery can be a little confusing especially around weekends and bank holidays. Courier issues are 95% of the negative reviews we get.
  • Nothing is more important than discreet delivery. Price, Quality, Customer Service all come second to being discreet.

These little lessons have fundamentally changed our business. Customer Service is the primary focus of everyone in PlayBlue. From Track and Chase where we chase delivery issues before the customer even knows to a custom built CRM solution for tracking and fixing every single issue.

We now offer multiple shipping options and are chasing GLS daily on every single order. Finally we double and treble pack orders to ensure discretion is paramount. We don’t ever ask for information we don’t need and never store or divulge customer details to anyone guaranteed. This is absolutely mission critical for us.

It was our customer reviews that really drove these lessons home to us and we are looking forward to the next lessons in the next 500 reviews.

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